Resolutions and Amendments

2013 Convention Proceedings

Sunday, Sept. 8, 2013
Monday, Sept. 9, 2013
Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2013
Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2013

Adopted Resolutions ( PDF )

The following resolutions have been approved by delegates to the AFL-CIO Convention 2013.

Resolution 1:  Enacting Labor Laws That Address the Needs of All Workers in the United States ( PDF )  
Resolution 2:  Assisting All Workers to Organize ( PDF )
Resolution 3:  Exercising Our Civic Rights to Rebuild Our Democracy, Expand Workers’ Rights and Strengthen Workers’ Organizations ( PDF )
Resolution 4:  Assisting Immigrant Workers to Become Citizens and Exercise Their Workplace Rights [subsumes Resolutions 23 and 31] ( PDF )
Resolution 5:  A Broad, Inclusive and Effective Labor Movement ( PDF )
Resolution 6:  Shared Prosperity ( PDF )
Resolution 7:  The Conversation About Economics We Need to Have ( PDF )
Resolution 8:  Global Organizing ( PDF )
Resolution 9:  Good Jobs, Economic Security and Tax Fairness ( PDF )
Resolution 10:  Raising Wages is the Answer [Amended] ( PDF )
Resolution 11:  Retirement Security for All [subsumes Resolution 45] ( PDF )
Resolution 12:  America and the World Need a New Approach to Trade and Globalization ( PDF )
Resolution 13:  Safe Jobs—Every Worker’s Right ( PDF )
Resolution 14:  One Law for Workers, Another for Bankers—Bankruptcy Abuses and the Unfinished Business of Financial Reform ( PDF )
Resolution 15:  Protecting and Expanding Medicare Benefits ( PDF )
Resolution 16:  Building Enduring Labor-Community Partnerships ( PDF )
Resolution 17:  Prisons and Profits—The Big Business Behind Mass Incarceration ( PDF )
Resolution 18:  AFL-CIO Women’s Initiative: Shared Values, Shared Leadership, Shared Prosperity ( PDF )
Resolution 19:  Investing in Our Future: Young Workers and Youth Engagement ( PDF )
Resolution 20:  Building a Diverse and Inclusive Labor Movement Now and for the Future [subsumes Resolution 22] ( PDF )
Resolution 25:  International Labor Solidarity is More Than a Slogan [subsumes Resolution 21] ( PDF )
Resolution 26:  Resolution to Develop a Southern Organizing Strategy [Amended] ( PDF )
Resolution 27:  Resolution on Honduras ( PDF )
Resolution 28:  Solidarity, Effectiveness and Accountability at the Grassroots: State Federations, Central Labor Councils and Affiliates ( PDF )
Resolution 29:  In Support of the American Labor Museum [Amended] ( PDF )
Resolution 33:  Gateway Pacific Terminal ( PDF )
Resolution 34:  AFL-CIO Convention Resolution on Bipartisan Political Action ( PDF )
Resolution 35:  Reclaiming the Promise of Public Education ( PDF )
Resolution 36:  Addressing the Increasing Burden of Student Debt and Supporting High-Quality Public Higher Education ( PDF )
Resolution 37:  Passing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act: Protecting America’s Workers ( PDF )
Resolution 38:  Resolution That Reynolds American Inc. Establish a Process with FLOC That Guarantees Freedom of Association and Worker Representation for Tobacco Farm Workers in the Tobacco Supply Chain ( PDF )
Resolution 39:  Reject Any Attempt to Privatize the Tennessee Valley Authority ( PDF )
Resolution 40:  A Postal Service for the 21st Century: Innovation and Growth, Not Downsizing and Decline ( PDF )
Resolution 41:  Collective Bargaining ( PDF )
Resolution 42:  National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund Museum and Memorial ( PDF )
Resolution 47:  Justice for Santiago Rafael Cruz ( PDF )
Resolution 49:  Resolution to Include Union Label Identification in Contract Language ( PDF )
Resolution 51:  Resolution in Support of the Release of Oscar López Rivera ( PDF )
Resolution 52:  Governor Corbett and Mayor Nutter's Attack on Philadelphia Public Education and Public Services ( PDF )
Resolution 53:  Assuring Sound Priorities for New Labor Movement Strategies: Aligning Vision with Accountability and Fiscal Responsibility ( PDF )
Resolution 54:  AFL-CIO Convention Resolution on the Affordable Care Act ( PDF )

Adopted Constitutional Amendments ( PDF )

Constitutional Amendment 1:  Expanding the General Board to Include Young Workers
Constitutional Amendment 2:  Updating and Streamlining Convention Procedures
Constitutional Amendment 9:  Welcoming All Workers to Our Movement
Constitutional Amendment 10:  Executive Council Membership
Constitutional Amendment 11:  Executive Council Authority
Constitutional Amendment 12:  Size of Executive Council [subsumes Constitutional Amendment 8]

Proposed Resolutions Referred to the Executive Council

Resolution 24: Our Nation Needs New Priorities: Cut Military Spending to Invest in Our People and Communities
Resolution 30: Our Nation Needs New Priorities: Cut Pentagon Spending to Invest in Our People and Communities
Resolution 32: Our Nation Needs New Priorities: Cut Pentagon Spending to Invest in Our People and Communities
Resolution 43: Concerns of Police Survivors
Resolution 44: Aurora, Colorado, Police Department
Resolution 46: Enforcement of Provisions of Solidarity Charters
Resolution 48: Resolution for Health Care Equity for All
Resolution 50: Preserving Labor History and National Park Status for Pullman

Constitutional Amendments Referred to the Executive Council

Constitutional Amendment 3:  Supporting AFL-CIO Unions Subjected to Raids by Non-Affiliated Unions
Constitutional Amendment 4:  Prohibiting Article XX Protection to Non-Affiliated Entities
Constitutional Amendment 6:  Repeal of Article XX 
Constitutional Amendment 7:  Executive Council and Executive Committee Voting

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Constitutional Amendments
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