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Legislation and Politics


Working men and women have strength in numbers and the goal of the AFL-CIO’s legislative and political efforts is organizing that strength to win the good pay, retirement security, safe work environments, broad access to quality education for our children and much more. By mobilizing through the union movement’s state-level and nationwide get-out-the-vote effort, union members elect candidates who support and will enact a working families’ agenda.

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Why Dan Sullivan Is Wrong for Alaska's Workers

Kenneth Quinnell

Alaska has a long history of politicians who fight for the state and it's working families. Alaska's workers and unions have long supported candidates of either party when that candidate was the best choice. But Dan Sullivan isn't one of those politicians. On issue after issue, Sullivan has sided against Alaskans in favor of supporting special interests, and he won't join the long bipartisan tradition of fighting for Alaskans.

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