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Legislation and Politics


Working men and women have strength in numbers and the goal of the AFL-CIO’s legislative and political efforts is organizing that strength to win the good pay, retirement security, safe work environments, broad access to quality education for our children and much more. By mobilizing through the union movement’s state-level and nationwide get-out-the-vote effort, union members elect candidates who support and will enact a working families’ agenda.

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Meet the Madison Volunteers Who Are Making History in Wisconsin

Mike Gillis
Bill Connors carries a load of yard signs for distribution in his wards before hitting the pavement.  Photo by Mike Gillis.

The Wisconsin AFL-CIO Labor 2014/Workers’ Voice campaign is in full swing across the state and volunteers are working the phones, leafleting worksites and knocking on doors in every corner of Wisconsin.  The race for governor is a dead heat and voter turnout will undoubtedly be the deciding factor.  Saturday dozens of volunteers were active in Madison doing the needed work to elect Mary Burke as the next governor.

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