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For too long, our nation’s trade and investment policies have reflected the influence of powerful corporate interests. They protect what’s important to corporate America but do little or nothing to safeguard the rights of workers and the environment here and around the world. They fuel a race to the bottom in living standards. That needs to change. We need policies that support good jobs at home and sustainable development abroad.  We need to enforce the laws already on the books and stop blatant abuses by some countries that stack the decks against U.S. workers.

Support Better Trade

Sign the petition and tell the Obama administration to release the TPP texts to the public.

Read the letter from more than U.S. 75 organizations demanding more transparency in negotiations between the U.S. and the European Union for the TTIP trade deal.

Download a fact sheet explaining how corporate courts under TPP and TTIP undermines democracy.

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TPP Daily Debunk #2: Are TPP Critics Anti-Trade?

Celeste Drake
Photo courtesy AFGE on Flickr

Too many supporters of the Trans-Pacific Partnership don’t want to debate TPP on its merits. They want to be able to say, “Trade is inherently good, and the TPP promotes trade, so any thinking person must support it, despite its flaws.” By implying, and often outright stating, that TPP critics are uninformed protectionists who just oppose trade in any form, they attempt to shut down debate. Ever since we were kids on a playground, we have all known that name-calling is a way to shut down debate and not shed light on real issues. So why are so many TPP advocates doing this?

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