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All working people benefit from an immigration system with a roadmap to citizenship. We make the most progress when we organize all workers, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, nationality or immigration status.  

But our broken immigration system exposes immigrant workers to exploitation. Millions of aspiring Americans struggle to support their families on poverty wages, sometimes in inadequate or unsafe working conditions. In fact, immigrant workers face the highest rates of wage theft, sexual harassment, and death and injury on the job, and many suffer in silence for fear of deportation or employer retaliation.

When a segment of our society suffers, we all suffer. The labor movement is committed to reforming our country’s broken immigration system. A rational and humane immigration system will build a more just society and will protect all working people, regardless of immigration status, from substandard wages and working conditions.

Statement of Principles on Immigration and the High-Skilled Workforce


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