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Proxy Voting

Proxy Vote Alerts

If you are an investment professional or a pension fund trustee, sign up to receive AFL-CIO shareholder alerts regarding proxy voting, including updates to the AFL-CIO Key Votes Survey.

2016 AFL-CIO Key Votes Survey Scorecard

Preliminary List of 2017 AFL-CIO Key Votes

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Proxy Voting Guidelines

The AFL-CIO Proxy Voting Guidelines have been developed to serve pension fund trustees as a guide for voting their funds' shareholder proxies. The goal of the guidelines is to assist trustees in exercising their ownership rights in ways that achieve long-term value by supporting important shareholder initiatives on corporate accountability. These initiatives include board of directors proposals, corporate governance, proposals concerning employee relations, executive compensation and corporate responsibility issues. The Proxy Voting Guidelines also provide an in-depth discussion of fiduciary duties of plan trustees described under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).

AFL-CIO Proxy Voting Guidelines

Key Votes Survey

The AFL-CIO Key Votes Survey rates the voting practices of investment managers by surveying how they voted on proposals representing a worker-owner view of value. This worker-owner view emphasizes management accountability and good corporate governance. These proposals are assessed by the AFL-CIO Proxy Voting Guidelines and managers are ranked by the percentage of votes cast in accordance with the guidelines.

2016 Key Votes Survey  

2016 Proxy Season Investment Manager Scorecards

AFL-CIO Proxy Votes

See how the AFL-CIO voted on shareholder proposals, director elections and executive compensation plans in recent years:

AFL-CIO Reserve Fund, 2016
AFL-CIO Staff Retirement Fund, 2016

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