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Keeping Workers Safe on Labor Day

Construction accidents are a concern in a major city like New York. When you’re dealing with steel beams, massive pipes, electrical lines, scaffolding or welding equipment tens of stories above street level, every day can present a danger.

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Shouldn’t National Security, Sustainability and Citizenship Be Highly Relevant to Our Trade Policy?

The article, National Security, Sustainability and Citizenship, from the Solutions Journal ends with the sentence: “The concept of sustainability as a national strategic imperative for the twenty-first century can create a new path forward so that we, as a nation of citizens, can endure and thrive in our own “hour of peril and national opportunity.”

Not surprisingly, it contains no reference to the U.S. trade deficit, since the trade policies in the United States over the past four decades could not have been much further from the spirit of sustainability, if they were orchestrated by America’s enemies.  

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Why Labor Union Leaders Should Run for Office and How We Can Help

Why Labor Union Leaders Should Run for Office and How We Can Help

Last year, I ran for San Francisco District Supervisor in a crowded field of nine candidates and lost by 132 votes out of 35,351 votes cast. I would be less than truthful if I told you I wasn't disappointed. But my campaign experience also opened my eyes to new possibilities for organized labor to take a more active role in our democracy.

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Americans Held Hostage in the Global Jobs War by the Beltway Tax Cartel

Hugh J. Campbell of the United Steelworkers (USW) sends us Americans Held Hostage in Global Jobs War by Beltway Tax Cartel

In October 2009, then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated that a new national Value Added Tax (VAT) was “on the table” to help the federal government garner needed revenues.

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Priming the Pump

It has been five years since the irresponsible speculation of our financial sector drove the U.S. economy over a cliff. Not since the wild excesses of the 1920s resulted in the Great Depression has anything as dire resulted from the machinations of our bankers and brokers.

The massive federal...

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Peabody's Corporate Socialist Agenda

Recently a designer socialism seems to have taken root among corporations in this country. It is, for the lack of a better word, corporate socialism; its espoused philosophy appears to be any profit is mine but my debt is yours. Pure socialism...

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An Open Letter to Coal Companies

I am writing this letter because of the Patriot Coal bankruptcy proceedings taking place at the federal courthouse in St. Louis, Missouri. I am writing this letter on behalf of the thousands of UMWA [Mine Workers] retirees who sacrificed their bodies to build a billion dollar company, on behalf of the thousands of UMWA retirees and their families who depend on their pensions and health care to live, on behalf of the more than 4,000 active UMWA employees at Patriot Coal whose jobs are threatened, on behalf of the coal miner spouses who wait and worry that their loved ones will not return to them due to a mining accident or disaster, on behalf of the mine workers who fought, suffered and died at the battle of Blair Mountain, and the Ludow, Colo., massacre, on behalf of the mine workers at Piston and countless other labor struggles.

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First Global Labor Film Festival Launches on May Day

First Global Labor Film Festival Launches on May Day

The first-ever Global Labor Film Festival (GLFF) kicks off on May Day, as festivals in the United States, Australia, England, Israel, Norway and Turkey host more than a dozen screenings of labor films. 

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'Mad Men' Party in a 'Modern Family' World Snubs Chris Christie over Medicaid Choice

Highlighted in Nate Silver’s New York Times article, Conservatives’ Love Affair with Christie Is Over, was New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie becoming the eighth Republican governor to announce that he will accept Medicaid expansion under the president’s health care law, in spite of Christie’s party’s general opposition to the law.

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Do U.S. Multinationals Have a Duty to Balance America’s Competitiveness with Their Own? Please Vote!

Harry Moser, founder of Reshoring Initiative, is courageously engaged in a debate on The link to the debate follows: Offshoring & Outsourcing: Do Multinational Corporations Have a Duty to Maintain a Strong Presence in Their Home Countries? Moser’s opponent argues that: competitiveness is hardly likely to be undermined by multinational corporations investing abroad.

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