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Hardin County, Ky., Working Families File Lawsuit to Block Local 'Right to Work' Ordinance

One of the newest tactics pushed by anti-working family extremists is to attempt to pass "right to work" laws at the local government level, and Kentucky is one of the first battlegrounds for this new approach to attacking workers. Several counties have passed such ordinances even though the out-of-state interests behind the efforts can't get such laws passed at the state level. But Hardin County's working families aren't taking the attacks without fighting back, and are taking the recently passed law in Hardin County to court, arguing that it is illegal.

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Montgomery County, Md., Trash Company Hires Untrained Temps During Strike

As striking trash haulers in Montgomery and Howard counties in Maryland head into the second week of their strike for fair wages and benefits, their employer, Unity Disposal, appears to have resorted to sending out temporary replacement workers as “helpers” without required safety equipment and perhaps without required safety training as well. Helpers are the workers who ride on the vehicles and heave garbage and recycling into the back of the trucks.

Support the striking trash haulers by calling Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett at 240-205-7176. 

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N.J. State AFL-CIO Sees ‘Buy American’ Bills Through State Legislature; Labor-Backed Bills Now Head to Governor

Two labor legislators in New Jersey have shepherded a package of “Buy American” bills through the state legislature. The bills were approved by the state Assembly during the final voting session of 2014. The state Senate passed the jobs-creation package in June.

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7 Reasons Right to Work Is Wrong for Warren County, Ky. (and Everywhere Else)

7 Reasons Right to Work Is Wrong for Warren County, Ky. (and Everywhere Else)

In Warren County, Ky., a fiscal court has given preliminary approval to a local "right to work" for less ordinance. The measure is worded as to prevent any worker covered by the National Labor Relations Act from being required to join or pay dues to a union as a condition of employment. Since it is already illegal in the United States to require workers to join unions, the real focus of the measure is to weaken workers in negotiations with employers for decent wages and benefits. Instead of passing illegal ordinances that are a big waste of time and resources for the county, those efforts should be spent in other ways like focusing on raising wages for Warren County residents. 

If you're in Kentucky, call the fiscal court today and tell them you oppose the right to work ordinance: 1-855-721-3304

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What Is Kentucky's Bluegrass Institute?

Something stinks in Kentucky politics.  A "think" tank, supposedly with the interest of Kentuckians at heart, but funded by extreme out-of-state interests, is pushing policies that will hurt the state's working families.  Take a look at the Bluegrass Institute.

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10 Ways to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Create Jobs in New York City

10 Ways to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Create Jobs in New York City

A new report, Climate Works for All: A Platform for Reducing Emissions, Protecting Our Communities and Creating Good Jobs for New Yorkers, details 10 proposals that would help New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio achieve his goal to reduce the city's greenhouse gas emissions 80% by the year 2050. In addition to achieving the desired emission reductions, if the city follows these proposals, it would not only make the city more resilient, but it also would create 40,000 jobs a year. The report was produced by the Alliance for a Greater New York, New York City Environmental Justice Alliance, New York City Central Labor Council, Blue Green Alliance and the AFL-CIO.

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Chicago to Raise Minimum Wage to $13 Per Hour

Photo courtesy Action Now

In the wake of federal and state inaction, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) recently proposed raising the minimum wage within the city limits to $13 per hour. A key City Council committee advanced the measure on a 16–3 vote Monday and the broader council passed it 44–5 Tuesday. The current wage of $8.25 will move to $10 early next year and will rise in increments until it reaches the full $13 in 2019.

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San Francisco Leads the Way on Fair Scheduling with Retail Workers Bill of Rights

Photo courtesy Jobs With Justice

The city of San Francisco has taken a big step in the right direction by passing the Retail Workers Bill of Rights, which will end abusive scheduling practices and improve work environments for more than 40,000 workers at 1,250 locations in the city. The bill still has to be signed by the mayor, but workers and advocates are confident it will become law. By taking this big step, nearly half of the city's workers in the related industries will have their lives improved.

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UNLV Exhibit Spotlights Culinary Union's 80-Year Fight for Vegas Workers

1976 strike at Caesar’s Palace

Culinary Workers Local 226 in Las Vegas has been a major force in the fight for workers’ rights and justice since its founding in 1935. On Dec. 4, that 80-year history will go on display in a new exhibit at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

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Rhode Island Labor Movement Fought to Keep Workers at Home, Not Work on Thanksgiving

By now you have seen the flood of ads. This Thanksgiving America's largest retailers are in a race to see who can open first, open earliest, or stay open latest to offer "door buster" deals on cheap TVs made in China.This is a race with no winners and only losers—the hard working men and women of some of America's most recognizable, successful, and profitable companies.

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