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RNC Convention Cleaners' Pay Dips Below Minimum Wage

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In the aftermath of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., the GOP stuck with its principles regarding keeping low-paid workers, well, low paid.

The crew that cleaned up the convention hall last week—about 105 workers—included many whose take-home pay amounts to less than the minimum wage. 

The Huffington Post's Jason Cherkis reported the cleaning contract at the city's convention center changed hands a few years ago, to Cleanevent USA. Pay, even for those with many years on the job, ratcheted down to $7.67 per hour—Florida's minimum wage. Carolyn Walker, a janitor with 13 years seniority, said the company paired her 33-cent pay cut with a weekly uniform charge of $6.

"It stinks to tell you the truth," Walker said.

Her co-worker, Jean Baptiste, said he is charged $11 per week by Cleanevent. Baptiste said he has only one complaint about his job: the pay. "I can't keep up with the rent," which is $575. The electric bill tops at a monthly $160. 

Another Cleanevent worker, who declined to give a name, said it best:

So much money for the haves and so little money for the have-nots. I want you to note that distinction.

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