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Trumka: Obama Showed He Hears People Not Heard by 1%

President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address tonight made clear that he hears the people who aren’t being heard by the 1%, says AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. Obama’s speech showed he “listened to the single mom working two jobs to get by, to the out-of-work construction worker, to the retired factory worker, to the student serving coffee to help pay for college.”

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Texas Protesters Greet Wisconsin’s Walker

This is a cross-post by Karen Hickey, communications director at  the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO.

Earlier today, more than 125 Texans greeted Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on his fundraising trip to Austin. Walker was the keynote speaker at the right-wing Texas Public Policy Foundation’s annual policy orientation for Texas legislators.

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Pity the 1%! Billionaires Bemoan Criticism by ‘Imbeciles’

It’s tough these days being a member of the top 1 percent, what with all the complaints about the widening income gap and tax breaks for billionaires, not to mention the demands of the 99 percent for a little accountability. “It feels lonely…,” said John A. Allison IV, former CEO of BB&T, one of the nation’s top 10 banks, to Bloomberg News.

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Carols—and Coals—for Verizon

This is a cross-post from the Metropolitan Washington (D.C.) Central Labor Council Council.

Holiday carolers serenaded Verizon board member Rodney Slater yesterday with new words to an old favorite:

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Addressing Income Inequality Is a Global Task

The following is by John August, executive director of the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions. Read the full version of his column at L&M Partnership.

Many of us are pleased that the Occupy movement resonates with so many. While not everyone is prepared to join one of the hundreds of encampments that have grown around the country over the past two months, it is not uncommon for mainstream media to recognize that they are articulating widespread public discontent. From MSNBC to the New York Times to many local and online  outlets, the media recognize that dominant themes of Occupy—income inequality and the need for good jobs—have become very popular themes.

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DC Union Members Join OWS Marchers from NYC

Occupy Wall Street marchers arrived in Washington, D.C., today after walking for 10 days from New York City to deliver the message that Congress should stand with the 99 pecent, not the 1 percent.

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Tell the Banks: This Home Is Occupied

The Occupy Wall Street movement has given a voice to the 99 percent of us who have suffered at the hands of the Big Banks. In cities across the country, “Occupy” protesters have highlighted our nation’s growing economic inequality, high unemployment and the foreclosure crisis that continues to ravage our communities.  We saw another inspiring example of the 99 percent standing together in recent days in Atlanta.

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Scenes from Occupy Wall Street

Check out our new video from the Occupy Wall Street movement and click here to go to our We Are the 99% site to share your photos, video and stories from Occupy Wall Street actions in your community. Click here to find an Occupy Wall Street event near you.

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Trumka: Tear Gassing, Arrests of Wall Street Protesters Must Stop

In Oakland, Calif., police used tear gas last night to disperse Occupy Oakland protesters and arrested dozens (see video at left). Occupy Atlanta, Occupy Chicago and protesters in other cities also have been targeted by authorities

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Police Arrest 130, Tear Down First Aid Station at Occupy Chicago

Over the weekend, Chicago police tore down a first aid station at Occupy Chicago, and nurses were among the 130 protesters arrested in a massive sweep against those taking a stance against Wall Street greed.

About 1,500 people gathered Saturday in Grant Park hoping to make it the movement’s permanent home, according to The Washington Post.

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