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In Wall Street Journal World, We 'Don’t Exist'

In Wall Street Journal World, We 'Don’t Exist'

Take a look at that down-trodden family at the left. Maybe, they’re lining up for shelter after a natural disaster, or waiting for the food bank doors to open or at a donation center to gather up winter coats for the kids. Damn, they look so sad.

But no, none of the above is true. They live in “Wall Street Journal World.” It’s a place where, according to a recent Journal story on the impact of the new federal tax rates, most Americans—those of us who make less than $180,000 a year and pay taxes—"don’t exist" (we're not mentioned at all).   

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Wall Street Journal Compares Union Political Spending to Corporate Donations

The top 1% is scared about people like “the nails ladies” having the vote. The wealthy know that economic inequality is rising and the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision is enormously unpopular. Turning unions into bogeymen is inevitable.

And so the right wing is excited today about a Wall Street Journal article purporting union spending on politics is far greater than known and is as big a factor as excessive corporate money in politics.

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Biz Leader Says Health Care Repeal Would Leave Us ‘Worse Off’

Be careful what you wish for, it might come true—with lots of bad consequences.  The leader of a Big Business group says CEOs and other corporate leaders joining the Republican call for the repeal of health care reform should heed that warning.

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Low Wages Are Recession’s Ugly Trademark

Wages have fallen lower and stayed low longer in this recession than in any time since the Depression. With unemployment at 9 percent or better for 20 months and likely to stay that way for a while, wages will continue to drop.

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