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Los Angeles Hotel Workers Win $15.37 Living Wage

Los Angeles Hotel Workers Win $15.37 Living Wage

In a vote that establishes one of the highest living wages in the country, the Los Angeles City Council voted 12–3 to establish a $15.37 minimum wage for hotel workers. The historic victory was the culmination of two years in a row of hard work by the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE), UNITE HERE Local 11 and the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor and organizers say it will lift up many working families living in difficult financial situations while the L.A. hotel and tourism industries are booming. The Los Angeles County Federation of Labor said that this victory sets the stage for a broader minimum wage increase.

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Low-Wage Villain of the Week: Hilton DoubleTree Suites at Harvard

Low-Wage Villain of the Week: Hilton DoubleTree Suites at Harvard

In our new regular feature, we'll be taking a look at the villains who are doing their best to prevent the United States from raising wages for all or some Americans. We're going to try to take a look at more than just the usual suspects in these posts, and we'll probably stay away from government officials to give you a look at other key players who are part of the problem.

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13,000 Las Vegas Casino/Hotel Workers Ratify New Pact


The members of Culinary Workers Local 226 and Bartenders Local 165 (both UNITE HERE locals) voted Tuesday to ratify a five-year contract with Caesars Entertainment covering the 13,000 members of both locals. The deal, which replaces the previous contract that expired in June, was approved by 97% of the voters.

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Boston's Low-Wage Workers Affected by City's Shutdown

While most attention in the Boston tragedy is rightfully focused on the victims of last Monday's bombings at the Boston Marathon, the damage done by the terrorist attacks didn't end with the explosions or the subsequent shootout that led to additional deaths. Much of the city shut down during the manhunt for the terror suspects; and while most salaried employees could take the day off without losing pay, low-wage workers did not have that luxury. Other workers were forced to work long hours or brave dangerous conditions to get their jobs done.

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Tip Theft...We're Not Talking About Restaurant Customers Grabbing Money off the Table

Chances are you may not have heard of tip theft. And if you have, it's probably not what you think. Tip theft is when restaurant owners and managers systematically steal restaurant and hotel workers hard-earned money. 

Check out this video from Rhode Island activists asking their state to pass legislation to end tip theft. 

Sign the petition: Pass the Bill to End Tip Theft in Rhode Island; and if you're in Rhode Island, call your state and local representatives

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UNITE HERE Members in Atlantic City Set Up Hurricane Sandy Relief Center

Photo courtesy of UNITE HERE's Facebook page.

UNITE HERE Local 54 casino workers in Atlantic City, N.J., are pitching in to help their members and the local community impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Local 54 has started a Helping Hands Relief Center to provide the public with information and help to apply for services. Local 54 President Bob McDevitt told the Press of Atlantic City newspaper:

There is an incredible need in the community....We felt we should coordinate this. As far as organizations go, we connect to most of the people.

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Workers, Small Biz Back Long Beach Living Wage; Hyatt Leads Charge Against

When workers earn a living wage, the entire community benefits, says Jorge Sanchez, a Long Beach, Calif., hotel worker who is part of a coalition of workers, community activists and small business owners working to pass a living wage ordinance in the city.    

With a living wage, we can support small businesses and we can spend more in the community. Small businesses are the backbone of the community and if we have more money, we can support them.

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Pesticides Used for Bed Bugs Can Sicken Workers

Photo by Tom Spinker/Flickr

This is a cross-post from Occupational Health Watch, by Barbara Materna, chief of Occupational Health Branch, California Department of Public Health.

With bed bug infestations on the rise, pesticide illness related to bed bug control is an increasing problem. A national study reported illnesses among workers who applied pesticides to treat bed bugs and among hotel and maintenance workers who entered rooms after they were treated.

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Hyatt Boycott Aims to End Worker Abuse

Hyatt Boycott Aims to End Worker Abuse

Hyatt “systematically abuses housekeepers and other hotel workers,” said UNITEHERE! President John Wilhelm this morning in announcing a worldwide boycott of the hotel chain.

A wide range of groups, including the AFL-CIO, NFL Players Association (NFLPA), Interfaith Worker Justice (IWJ), Pride At Work and several civil rights and women’s groups, are backing the boycott.

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