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T-Mobile Guilty of Violating Labor Law Workers’ Rights, NLRB Judge Rules

Photo via Lowering the Bar's Facebook page.

A judge at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) yesterday found T-Mobile U.S. guilty of engaging in nationwide labor law violations against workers. The unprecedented ruling comes after a rare move last year by the NLRB consolidating multiple complaints against T-Mobile U.S. for illegal actions and policies in Albuquerque, N.M.; Wichita, Kan.; Charleston, S.C., and New York City.

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Don't Forget About Fast Track

While much of the Internet this week was focused on escaped llamas, figuring out what color a dress is or mourning the loss of SAG-AFTRA member and Star Trek icon Leonard Nimoy, we can forget that legislation is still being pushed that would make the lives of working families worse. Whether it be the "right to work" policies pushed by the allies of Gov. Scott Walker (Wis.), who likes to compare workers to terrorists, and in other states like New Mexico and West Virginia, or the ongoing negotiations for a Trans-Pacific Partnership using the Fast Track process, we need to stay alert.

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Fairpoint Workers to Vote on Tentative Agreement

Photo via Fairness@FairPoint

After a 17-week strike that began in October, unions representing workers at FairPoint Communications have reached a tentative agreement with the company to go back to work. Following six weeks of federally mediated negotiations, the two sides agreed on a deal that members of the Electrical Workers (IBEW) and Communications Workers of America (CWA) will vote on starting today. Member briefings will be held before the votes. If the deal is approved, workers will return to their jobs on Wednesday

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Brooklyn Cablevision Workers Ratify Contract with 'Significant' Pay Increases

Photo courtesy of CableVision99's Facebook page

Cablevision workers in Brooklyn, N.Y., have voted to ratify their first contract. Included in the agreement are significant wage increases and more job security. More than 260 employees are part of the new contract and are the only Cablevision employees who are unionized.

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Now or Never: Fight Back Against Fast Track

An unholy coalition of President Barack Obama, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker John Boehner, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable are working together to pass Fast Track authorization for the largest trade giveaway ever, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, in the next 100 days.

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FairPoint Talks Underway with Federal Mediator

Photo via Fairness at FairPoint's Facebook page.

Negotiators for the nearly 2,000 members of the Electrical Workers (IBEW) and Communications Workers of America (CWA) who have been on strike against FairPoint Communications since Oct. 17 and company representatives are back at the bargaining table with federal mediators this week.

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NLRB Rules Employees Can Use Work Email for Organizing

Photo courtesy Phil Swansen on Flickr

Workers were given a potentially significant tool when the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled that employees can use work email accounts in union organizing activities, as long as they do it on their own time. The decision reversed a 2007 decision. Workers also are allowed to use work email to discuss wage and other workplace issues. The three Democrats on the board voted yes on the ruling, while the two Republicans abstained.

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Help Save Christmas for the Children of Striking FairPoint Workers

Photo courtesy CWA Local 1400

When the IBEW and CWA workers said they were about to go on strike against FairPoint Communications, I knew they were in for a long fight. The decision to walk is not an easy one. Workers weigh the decision to walk against their personal financial situation. How long can we afford to go without pay?

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Is FairPoint Offering Strikebreakers $300,000 a Year?

Is FairPoint Offering Strikebreakers $300,000 a Year?

Nearly 2,000 members of the Electrical Workers (IBEW) and Communications Workers of America (CWA) have been on strike against FairPoint Communications since Oct. 17. Now some suspect the company may be offering replacement workers more than $300,000 a year to perform the same jobs the striking workers did for less than a third of that.

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IBEW Releases New Ad: Fairness at FairPoint—Outsourcing Jobs

What happens when a corporation cares more about Wall Street than its own employees? The answer is that jobs are outsourced to low-wage workers around the world. Right now, FairPoint Communications is working to outsource the jobs of thousands of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and Communications Workers of America (CWA) members. The unions went on strike against FairPoint a little more than four weeks ago, and they are scheduled to resume negotiations this week.

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