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'Ethnic Cleansing' in the Western Hemisphere: The Impending Deportation Crisis in the Dominican Republic

The deadline has now passed for hundreds of thousands of workers and families in the Dominican Republic to register with the government and they now face the threat of becoming stateless and being deported. There is a long legacy of discrimination against Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent in the Dominican Republic. However, since a September 2013 Supreme Court ruling that revoked the citizenship of those born in the country since 1929 who could not prove their parents’ migration status, they have been facing increasing levels of violence and discrimination and reports indicate that law enforcement authorities have been “cleansing” neighborhoods of so-called undesirable elements—mainly by detaining Dominicans with Haitian features. Now, these workers and families could be deported to the Haitian border, though many may not have any ties to Haiti, speak little or no Creole, and lack eligibility for Haitian citizenship.

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AFL-CIO Honors the Building and Woodworkers International with Human Rights Award

AFL-CIO Honors the Building and Woodworkers International with Human Rights Award

Hundreds of millions of fans around the globe cheer on their national teams at major sporting events such as the Olympics and the World Cup. Beneath the fanfare, host countries require vast amounts of labor to pull off the massive infrastructure updates and stadium construction needed for such events. The sad truth is that those who stage these events often undercut laws protecting wages, organizing rights, and health and safety protections. It is often migrant workers who pay the price for these fast-paced projects with injury, wage theft, forced labor and even death.

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New ‘Yelp’ for Guest Workers in U.S. Challenges the Employer Power Dynamic

New ‘Yelp’ for Guest Workers in U.S. Challenges the Employer Power Dynamic

A new initiative called Contratados, which refers to being contracted under a temporary work program, aims to give workers more power in the recruitment process and makes sure employers and recruiters are held accountable for their actions. Spearheaded by Centro de los Derechos del Migrante (CDM), a trans-national migrant worker center with offices in Mexico and the United States, Contratados features an interactive website, a hotline, pocket-sized know-your-rights comics, audio novelas and a transnational radio campaign designed to provide workers with resources to more securely navigate the recruitment and employment process.

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Lawsuit Seeks to Ensure Fair Wages for Migrant Workers

Photo courtesy of UGA College of Agriculture

Centro de los Derechos del Migrante (CDM) filed a class-action lawsuit Wednesday against the Labor Department to ensure that migrant workers get fair wages. Earlier this year, the department instructed employers that they were required to pay H-2B visa workers market rate wages, but CDM says recently the department reversed this policy and told employers they could pay these workers wages below market value. The lawsuit seeks to overturn this policy change.

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The Labor Movement and Civil Society Forward Migrants’ Rights at the International Level

The Labor Movement and Civil Society Forward Migrants’ Rights at the International Level

For the past few days, representatives from more than 300 diverse international organizations gathered at the United Nations in New York to tackle these critical questions, begin building connections across borders and discuss and develop strategies for bringing these issues to the forefront of the international development agenda.

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Report Documents Significant Abuses of Migrant Workers in the U.S. Fair and Carnival Industry

Perez's story is one of many documented in Taken for a Ride: Migrant Workers in the U.S. Fair and Carnival Industry, a report published by Centro de los Derechos del Migrante Inc. (CDM) and American University Washington College of Law (WCL). Fair and carnival employers bring about 5,000 migrant workers to the United States. Many workers experience similar, if not worse, treatment and working conditions. The report uncovers widespread abuses in the H-2B visa program in the fair and carnival industry, including the following:

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AFL-CIO: We Stand in Solidarity with Migrant Workers

Photo courtesy of Favianna Rodriguez.

The first edition of “We Stand in Solidarity with Migrant Workers” appeared on the AFL-CIO Now blog in 2010.  

Dec. 18 is International Day of Solidarity with Migrants and marks the date the United Nations adopted the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families.

To commemorate this day, we have compiled personal stories of the immigrant experience at the AFL-CIO. As you’ll see, our colleagues’ collective experiences are a tapestry of the immigrant experience. Our co-workers have come to the United States from around the world for a variety of reasons—to escape war and repression, to work, to feed their families back home, to study and to marry.

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Human Trafficking Thrives Under Worker Exploitation

Photo: Thomas Swain

This is an excerpt of the AFL-CIO Solidarity Center's Human Trafficking Thrives Under Worker Exploitation

Human trafficking thrives in an environment of worker exploitation and engenders forced labor, debt bondage and other egregious labor abuse. The most effective way to address this scourge, says Neha Misra, Solidarity Center senior specialist on migration and human trafficking, is by empowering workers to have a voice in their workplace and supporting their right to organize and join unions.  

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Migrants’ Trade Union in South Korea Grows, Gains International Support

Migrant workers face tremendous pressure and exploitation in dynamic and wealthy South Korea, reports the AFL-CIO Solidarity Center’s Timothy Ryan.

In one of the richest and the most Internet-wired countries in the world, you might assume that workers’ and migrants’ rights are respected. You’d be wrong.

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