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Pa. and N.H. Union Members Tell Ryan: Hands Off Medicare

Photos by Dave Vinski.

This morning in Carnegie, Pa., union activists and allies were on hand to greet Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan to protest his and Mitt Romney’s plan to end Medicare as we know it and shower even more tax breaks on the wealthy and corporations, with working families footing the bill.

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New Hampshire Labor Committee Passes Slew of Union-Busting Bills

At a time when the tea party-driven Republican agenda in New Hampshire's state capitol is more unpopular than ever with voters on both sides of the aisle, the House Labor Committee took another step toward dismantling New Hampshire’s collective bargaining rights law by voting no fewer than five anti-worker bills "ought to pass."

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RTW Circus Continues in New Hampshire

AFL-CIO communications staffer Nora Frederickson sends us this cross-post from Blue Hampshire.

Full of tea party zeal after voting to repeal lunch hours for all employees, the House Labor Committee took up a new so-called right to work “RTW” bill today over the loud objections of union members, business owners and faith leaders.

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New Hampshire Lawmakers Try to End Worker Lunch Breaks

Charles Dickens's tales have nothing on New Hampshire lawmakers. According to American Progress, the Republican-controlled legislature is proposing to do away with a state regulation requiring employers to give workers time to eat lunch. After all, they argued, employers will do so anyway out of the goodness of their hearts.

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RTW Still Wrong for New Hampshire

Last year, despite some twisted political maneuvering and trickery by New Hampshire House Speaker William O’Brien (R), he and other anti-worker lawmakers and their out-of-state backers could not override Gov. John Lynch’s (D) veto of a "right to work for less" bill. With a new legislative session under way, they’re back at it again.

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In Online Townhall, MI Gov. Snyder Opposes RTW

AFL-CIO Field Communications staffer Cathy Sherwin sends us this report.

Following the State of the State address last week, Michigan’s Gov. Rick Snyder held an online town hall meeting. Participating on Twitter using the hashtag #AskGovSnyder, union workers, the Michigan State AFL-CIO and progressive allies kept the questions coming—on jobs, needed infrastructure investments and education.

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New Hampshire Lawmakers: Public Workers Aren’t Taxpayers

AFL-CIO communications staffer Nora Frederickson sends us this report.

Workers in New Hampshire took over the floor of the New Hampshire House chamber yesterday to testify against a spate of anti-collective bargaining bills debated in the House Labor Committee. The hearings were relocated to the people’s chamber after the hearing rooms were flooded past their capacity by more than 600 firefighters, state workers, truck drivers, teachers and community members protesting the most recent anti-worker onslaughts in the Granite State.

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