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Inequality and the 1% Rule

In what should be considered standing logic on its end, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled this week that while public colleges have an interest in having a racially diverse student body, nonetheless, the racial majority of a state can vote to remove racial diversity as a goal. This is a radical and activist reinterpretation of the Constitution, since by strict construction, the 14th Amendment had been added to explicitly limit white majority action to deny full legal protection to the newly freed slaves and their descendants. The purpose was to limit majority rule from becoming mob rule, continuing a legacy of inequality.

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Immigration Reform Without Road Map to Citizenship Is ‘Fool's Gold,’ Says Trumka

A hoax. A joke. Fool's gold. That's how AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka characterized an emerging House GOP immigration proposal that didn't include green cards or a road map to citizenship in an interview today with The Washington Post's David Nakamura

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Throw Your Hands Up at Me: Beyoncé Drops Some Real Talk on Gender Equality

Photo via Hollywood Branded/Flickr

Gender equality is not a reality yet, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter writes for the Shriver Report. Knowles-Carter points out that even though women make up half of the workforce, the average female worker only makes 77% of what a working man makes. 

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AFL-CIO's Shuler Joins Fast for Families, Urging Congress to Pass Immigration Reform

AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Elizabeth Shuler

AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Elizabeth Shuler went to the National Mall today and honored fasters who haven't eaten in 21 days, urging House Republicans to hold a vote on citizenship for the nation's 11 million aspiring Americans and to end the deportation crisis. New fasters came to take their place during a ceremony presided over by faith and religious leaders. Inspired by the fasters, Shuler also committed to fasting for a day. The AFL-CIO supports the activists participating in the Fast for Families in Washington, D.C., and the related events from Dec. 1–3. 

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113 Nations Make Progress in Ending Worst Forms of Child Labor

Photo via Department of Labor

Working with her family in Malawi’s agriculture fields, where she toils in the hot sun, 8-year-old Ethel says when she harvests produce, “I get headaches and pain in my stomach.”

Ethel is one of 168 million child laborers around the world, 85 million of whom work in hazardous conditions. The 12th annual Department of Labor report, 2012 Findings on the Worst Forms of Child Labor, released [Sept. 30], chronicles the progress of 143 governments in combating the worst forms of child labor, which includes working in agriculture like Ethel.

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Trumka Calls on Obama Administration to Cease Deportations of Aspiring Citizens

Sebastian Velasquez saw his family for the last time when they were helping him move into his Georgetown University dorm before the start of his first semester. A few months later, he found out that his father, mother and sister were in deportation proceedings. They were eventually deported to Colombia.

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Labor Nominee Stresses 'Jobs, Jobs and Jobs'

Labor Nominee Stresses 'Jobs, Jobs and Jobs'

Thomas Perez, President Obama’s nominee for secretary of labor, told the Senate Judiciary Committee today his top priority, if confirmed, would be “jobs, jobs and jobs.” Perez also told the panel:

The mission of the Department of Labor is the mission of America…building ladders to the middle class.

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Republicans Accuse Labor Nominee of Fighting for Civil Rights

Where does the Republican Party put its energy? On anything that furthers the interests of the wealthiest. Tax cuts and kicking government are right at the top of that list.* Also near the top comes blocking minimum wage increases, blocking workplace safety rules and keeping lots of people unemployed so they are desperate to take any nasty, dirty, low-paying job, etc. But next to tax cuts and keeping the government from operating, Republicans fight to keep unions from being able to organize because the power of working people acting together collectively begins to challenge the power of concentrated wealth that corporations represent. To this end, Republicans hate and fight the Labor Department and, now, the new nominee for secretary of labor.

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Tell House Republicans 'No' to NLRB Shut Down

Talk about team work. House and Senate Republicans have come together with a unique new strategy to attack workers’ rights and shut down the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). And their corporate sponsors are loving it.

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International Union of Operating Engineers' Training Facility: 'Sky's the Limit'

Apprentices develop, and experienced workers refresh, skills at the International Union of Operating Engineers' state-of-the-art training center in Wilmington, Ill. The Local 150 center houses classrooms, testing labs, welding facilities, an equipment simulator lab and an indoor training arena large enough for 18 pieces of equipment to be used simultaneously.

In this video, meet the apprentices who now hold a promising future and the employers eager to receive a trained workforce.

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