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7 Ways Pro-Worker Policies Help Everyone, Including Nonunion Workers and CEOs

Photo courtesy runneralan2004

Despite business and Republican claims to the contrary, "right to work" for less laws hurt both workers and CEOs and prevailing wage laws reduce income inequality. A new report from the Illinois Economic Policy Institute and the University of Illinois Labor Education Program takes a look at the differences between states that have "right to work" laws and states that don't and states with and without prevailing wage laws. The report gives both general statistics and focuses specifically on the construction industry. Here are the top seven ways pro-working family policies are shown to benefit workers or CEOs (after the jump).

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Immigrant, Latino Construction Workers at Bigger Risk of Death from Falls

Photo  by Ron Cogswell, Flickr/Creative Commons

A disproportionate number of Latinos and immigrants are disproportionately killed in fall accidents in New York, according to a new study by the Center for Popular Democracy, because they work in construction in relatively high numbers; are concentrated in smaller, nonunion firms; and are over-represented in the contingent labor pool.

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Up Late with Alec Baldwin and the Workers Defense Project

MSNBC’s new Friday late night show “Up Late with Alec Baldwin” recently featured an in-depth interview with Cristina Tzintzún, executive director of the Workers Defense Project (WDP). She explained the hardships and abuses immigrant workers face, especially undocumented construction workers in Texas, and some of the successes—such as the recent wage and job safety protections approved last month by the Austin City Council—WDP has seen.

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Austin Passes Some Pretty Cool Laws for Construction Workers

Workers Defense Project

Several hundred construction workers in Austin, Texas—mostly immigrants—and their supporters from faith, union and community groups saw their months-long fight for respect and fair wages come to a successful conclusion when the Austin City Council last week passed an ordinance requiring employers on construction projects that receive city economic incentives pay prevailing wages, provide safety training and other worker protections.

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New Study Reveals U.S. Workplaces More Deadly Than in UK

Photo by billjacobus1/Flickr

U.S. construction workers die on the job four times more often than construction workers in the United Kingdom; overall, U.S. workers are killed on the job at three times the rate of UK workers, according to a new study. Stronger workplace safety rules account for a big part of the difference.

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Workers Defense Project Is Making a Huge Difference in the Lives of Texas Construction Workers

Photo by the Workers Defense Project

Immigrant construction workers in Austin, Texas, have a fierce advocate fighting for back pay, safety on the job and basic workplace rights. 

The Workers Defense Project, profiled by Steven Greenhouse in this weekend's New York Times Business section, is an example of a worker center that is highly successful in its campaigns. 

Read the rest of The Workers Defense Project, a Union in Spirit

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Ironworkers' ‘Countdown to Zero’ Reducing Workplace Deaths

Ironworkers' ‘Countdown to Zero’ Reducing Workplace Deaths

In January 2012, the Ironworkers launched a new worksite safety campaign, with the goal of “zero fatalities, and the first figures in show that Countdown to Zero” is making a difference and saving lives (see chart inside post).

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'Better Than Ever': Union Workers Hoist Spire Atop the World Trade Center

Union Workers Hoist Spire Atop the World Trade Center

Union workers, some of whom are also veterans, are rebuilding the World Trade Center. 

This week, they lifted the last piece of spire to a height of 1,776 feet. At 22 tons, the spire will house state-of-the-art lighting and a beacon, which will be visible for miles.

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Working Families Rally for Safer Construction Work in Austin, Texas

Photo courtesy of the Workers Defense Project Facebook page.

Members of the Reagan High School band stopped rush hour traffic yesterday in front of the federal building in Austin, Texas, along with hundreds of advocates, community leaders, families and construction workers, as they celebrated the Workers Defense Project’s (WDP's) biannual Day of the Fallen.

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Broken Immigration System Hurts Texas Construction Workers, Industry

Photo by Jason Cato

The nation’s broken immigration system is creating a crisis for workers and employers in the Texas construction industry. A new study by the Workers Defense Project (WDP) and the University of Texas finds that as many as half of the Lone Star State’s construction workers may be undocumented. Says WDP Executive Director Cristina Tzintzun:

Our immigration policies are broken. They’re not working for businesses, they’re not working for our workers and they’re not working for our state.

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