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Reading List: Medicare and Medicaid Spending Fall, Underscore Flaws in Ryan-GOP Budget

For today's health care read, check out these new stories from Think Progress and the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP):

CBO May Have Undershot Medicare’s Future Deficit Reduction By Over $300 Billion
Projected Medicaid Spending Has Fallen by More Than $200 Billion

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Final Presidential Debate: President Obama Will Invest in America's Workers

In the final debate, President Obama detailed a clear vision to invest in America's workers and to stop tax breaks for companies that ship U.S. jobs overseas. Mitt Romney, whose company Bain Capital was a pioneer in investing in companies that offshored American jobs, did not provide a plan to bring jobs back to the United States.

President Obama said:

Well, Gov. Romney's right, you are familiar with jobs being shipped overseas because you invested in companies that were shipping jobs overseas....But I've made a different bet on American workers.

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Nuns on the Bus Visit Might Be Exactly What Mitt Romney Needs

Nuns on the bus condemn Romney's 47% comment.

Remember Nuns on the Bus? This summer's inspiring anti-poverty movement arrived in New York City on Monday, where the nuns and their supporters promptly hopped off the bus and onto the Staten Island Ferry to highlight how Republican budget proposals would impact poverty programs throughout the state. The group's leader, Sister Simone Campbell, told ThinkProgress that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's comments about the "47 percent" were "shocking." 

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Ryan's 'Tough Issues': More Tax Breaks for the Rich, Cuts to Medicare and Social Security for Everyone Else

Romney-Ryan budget vision for America is at odds with working families.

Tonight, Paul Ryan painted a picture of his and Mitt Romney’s vision of America. It is a vision, he said, where he and Romney "will not duck the tough issues" and it is a vision where "Mitt Romney and I have made our" choices. 

It is a vision that chooses more tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations—paid for by cuts in Social Security, Medicaid and other programs that poor and working-class families rely upon. It’s paid for with cuts to investments in our future such as education and rebuilding a crumbling infrastructure, both vital to maintaining and growing a middle class.

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Charlie Bass, 'Stop Trashing the Middle Class'

Charlie Bass's Trash

New Hampshire Labor News sends us this.  

What’s in New Hampshire Rep. Charlie Bass’s (R) "trash?"

Social Security, Medicare and affordable education, as it turns out. The contents of the New Hampshire congressman’s "garbage can" came to light yesterday as young workers and seniors from the Granite State questioned his commitment to his constituents after he voted for Paul Ryan’s extreme budget. Said Terri Lochhead, an organizer for the Alliance for Retired Americans:

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Start Clipping those Romney-Ryan Medicare Coupons

Working Families protested the Romney-Ryan budget in Chillicothe, Ohio.

Are you a senior who needs life-saving cancer treatment? No problem, says Mitt Romney’s new running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.). Just make sure you brought your envelope of Romney-RyanCare coupons to the hospital (a.k.a. Medicare vouchers). 

Ohio AFL-CIO, SEIU, ProgressOhio and other allied groups gathered outside a Mitt Romney campaign stop last week in Chillicothe, Ohio, to spread the word about the harmful Romney-Ryan budget and how it would affect Medicare beneficiaries. 

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People of Color: Romney/Ryan Plans Take Us Back to ‘Less Equitable’ Times

“For progressives and people of color, it’s hard to imagine a worse choice” than Mitt Romney’s selection of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) as his running mate, writes Imara Jones on the blog Colorlines today. He says the pair:

represent a retread of 40 years’ worth of Republican ideas on economics, race and the role of government. Not content to let failure remain dormant, they want to reanimate bankrupt concepts and take them to a whole, new level.

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