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Jackie Tortora

I'm the blog editor and social media manager at the AFL-CIO. Interviewing union musicians was my introduction to the labor movement. My first job after graduating college was in Syracuse, New York, where I wrote and edited the International Musician, the monthly magazine for the American Federation of Musicians (AFM). Protecting Social Security and Medicare from benefit cuts brought me to Washington, D.C., where I spent two years as a new media coordinator at the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare. I came to the AFL-CIO in the summer of 2012, just in time to re-elect President Barack Obama. When I'm not tweeting about America's unions, it's likely I'm watching Syracuse basketball and football. 

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Collective Action: It's How Working Families Win!

Collective Action: It's How Working Families Win!

Women make up the majority of tipped and minimum wage workers. Child care costs are a huge barrier for families, and retail hours and scheduling make it difficult for working parents to make enough to survive. Women still earn less on the dollar than their male counterparts. More than four in 10 private-sector workers—and more than 80% of low-wage workers—do not have paid sick days. What century are we in?

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Union, Yes: Machinists Win Back-to-Back Organizing Drives in Texas

Exciting things are happening in Texas. The Machinists (IAM) today announced a second important organizing victory, this time for 475 office and clerical personnel employed by L3 at the Corpus Christi Army Depot (CCAD) in Corpus Christi. This follows an April organizing win for 450 helicopter mechanics and technicians at the same facility.

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Think About Moms Next Time You Shop at Walmart

During the annual Walmart shareholders meeting last week, moms who work at the retail giant walked off the job across the country. Joined by co-workers and allies, they have been calling for respect and decent wages—at least $25,000 a year—and demanding an end to retaliation against employees who speak out for better working conditions. Some Walmart associates even took their message to Walmart chairman and heir Rob Walton personally, and to the annual Walmart shareholders meeting in Bentonville, Ark.

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Union-Made Father's Day Shopping Ideas

Photo by Geoff Livingston/Flickr

Celebrate your dad in solidarity style this Father's Day by getting him a gift that sports the union label. Check out some union-made Father's Day gift ideas from our friends over at Labor 411, the union business directory from the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor.

Don't forget to text MADE to 235246 for more union-made-in-America product lists. 

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Shattering the Model Minority Myth: Asian Pacific Islanders and Mass Incarceration

Tune in today at 12 p.m. to watch a live-stream of the panel "Shattering the Model Minority Myth: Asian Pacific Islanders and Mass Incarceration" at the AFL-CIO headquarters.

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Trumka Talks Wages and Inequality in the U.S. at the International Trade Union Confederation World Congress

This week, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, along with AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Elizabeth Shuler and AFL-CIO Executive Vice President Tefere Gebre, is in Berlin for the 2014 International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) World Congress. 

Check out this clip of an Equal Times discussion with President Trumka, where he talks about wages, the political environment and workers standing up in the United States.

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Make It a Union-Made Memorial Day Barbecue

Make It a Union-Made Memorial Day Barbecue

Memorial Day is the unofficial kickoff to the summer holiday season. While the day honors those who have given their lives defending the nation—and Jimmy  Gilbert, director of the AFL-CIO’s Union Veterans Council, will write more on that next Monday—the weekend also marks the start of grilling season. Here’s some union-made food and drink to get your barbecue off to a great start. 

Text MADE to 235246 for more union-made-in-America product lists. 

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5 Reasons to Visit the Union Plus Travel Center

5 Reasons to Visit the Union Plus Travel Center

Planning a summer vacation? Here are five good reasons to use the Union Plus Travel Center. You can spend less to enjoy more.

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Mine Workers President Cecil Roberts Says Turkey Mine Disaster is a 'Punch in the Gut' for All Coal Miners

Hilmi Hacaloğlu (VOA)/Wikimedia Commons

United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) International President Cecil E. Roberts issued the following statement Thursday (after the jump). 

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Trumka: 'We've Been Talking About Infrastructure for a Long, Long Time. It's Time for Action'

Photo by Lisa Hanna/Twitter

Today, working people and union members, including Ironworkers, Laborers (LIUNA), Bricklayers (BAC), Boilermakers (IBB), Electrcial Workers (IBEW), Operating Engineers (IUOE), Longshoremen (ILA), AFSCME, Seafarers (SIU), Railroad Signalmen (BRS), Transport Workers (TWU) and TCU/IAM rallied in front of the AFL-CIO's headquarters to lift up the need for jobs that build and move America through investing in our infrastructure. 

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