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I’m a former West Virginia newspaper reporter, staff writer for the United Mine Workers Journal and managing editor of the Seafarers Log. I came to the AFL- CIO in 1989 and have written for several federation publications, focusing on legislation and politics, especially grassroots mobilization and workplace safety. When my collar was still blue, I carried union cards from the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers, American Flint Glass Workers and Teamsters for jobs in a chemical plant, a mining equipment manufacturing plant and a warehouse. I’ve also worked as roadie for a small-time country-rock band, sold my blood plasma and played an occasional game of poker to help pay the rent. You may have seen me at one of several hundred Grateful Dead shows. I was the one with longhair and the tie-dye. Still have the shirts, lost the hair.

First Target for House Republicans? Cutting Social Security

NCPSSM photo

On the very first day that the new larger House Republican majority got to work, it made a move that could mean some 11 million people who receive Social Security disability benefits will see their lifeline benefits cut by 20% in 2016—or even cuts to Social Security retirement benefits for everyone.

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AFL-CIO Urges Obama to Promote Human Rights and Equitable Development on Both Sides of the Border

Image via Google search, labled for reuse.

President Barack Obama hosted President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico in Washington, D.C., today and, as emphasized in a letter sent by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, the global trade union movement is deeply concerned by the human rights crisis in Mexico, which harms working people on both sides of the border.

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FairPoint Talks Underway with Federal Mediator

Photo via Fairness at FairPoint's Facebook page.

Negotiators for the nearly 2,000 members of the Electrical Workers (IBEW) and Communications Workers of America (CWA) who have been on strike against FairPoint Communications since Oct. 17 and company representatives are back at the bargaining table with federal mediators this week.

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USPS Delivery, Service Cutbacks ‘an Outrage’

AFGE photo via Flickr Creative Commons

The U.S. Postal Service reduced delivery standards today and began a process that will slow first-class mail delivery. As The Nation’s John Nichols writes, the service cutbacks come on the heels of record-breaking and successful holiday deliveries of 15.5 billion packages, letters and parcels by postal workers, letter carriers, mail handlers and rural carriers in weeks of “intense demanding, long-hours, late-night and weekend work.”

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Watch Live Stream of National Summit on Wages

Watch Live Stream of National Summit on Wages

Be sure to tune in Wednesday on the AFL-CIO Now blog for the live stream of the first National Summit on Raising Wages. The summit, sponsored by the AFL-CIO, will examine concrete and progressive steps to raise wages for working people to help solve the dilemma of income inequality that plagues the United States.

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17 Things We Learned About Income Inequality in 2014, Including ‘Goodbye, Middle Class’

Center for American Progress

Income inequality became a hot topic of economic conversation in 2014, and publications like The Atlantic have taken notice. In 17 Things We Learned About Income Inequality in 2014, the authors explore the growth of low-income jobs, stagnant wages for families and shrinking wages for younger workers, the racial and gender wage gap, taxes and the dwindling middle class.

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Get Ready for First National Summit on Raising Wages

Get Ready for First National Summit on Raising Wages

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) will deliver the keynote address during the first National Summit on Wages Jan. 7 in Washington, D.C. The summit—sponsored by the AFL-CIO—will examine concrete and progressive steps to raise wages for working people to help solve the dilemma of income inequality that plagues the United States.

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Tune In for ‘Brotherhood Outdoors’ Season Premier Jan. 4

"Brotherhood Outdoors" co-host Daniel Lee Martin, special guest Dan Riegler and co-host Julie McQueen are full of anticipation on Day 1 of their Idaho elk and mule deer hunt.

The Union Sportsmen’s Alliance kicks off the seventh season of its award-winning TV series, “Brotherhood Outdoors,” with Missouri sheet metal worker Dan Riegler’s Idaho elk and mule deer hunt. The show airs Sunday, Jan. 4, at 11 a.m. on the Sportsman Channel.

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NLRB Says McDonald’s Retaliated Against Workers for Speaking Out

Photo by Cathy Sherwin

McDonald’s and several of its franchisees have retaliated against workers who have taken part in the series of fast-food worker protests, according to complaints filed Friday by National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Office of the General Counsel.

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When 59 Children Died on Christmas Eve 1913, the World Cried with the Town of Calumet, Mich.

It was the night before Christmas in 1913 in Calumet, Mich., and disaster was about to hit for the 7,000 miners and their families who had been on strike against the C&H Copper Mining Co. since July.

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