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Showing blog posts published on Dec 5, 2012

Michiganders: Call Your State Senator Today to Oppose the 'Right to Work' for Less Bill

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The "right to work" for less bill is now "on the table" in Michigan. 

If you're in Michigan, please call your state representative at 888-979-7280 to save the rights of Michigan’s workers. Tell your senator to vote NO on Michigan's “right to work” bill.

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D.C. Workers Missing Out on Construction Boom

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Unlike other major cities where local construction workers share the benefits of a building boom and make up a large portion of the construction workforce, residents of the District of Columbia are grossly underrepresented on area construction sites where suburban residents hold a disproportionate share of the jobs, according to a new report.

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Budget Showdown: Working People Are Calling Congress Today

Visit for all the information you need on the upcoming lame-duck session of Congress. 

No more tax breaks for the wealthiest 2%. No benefit cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. These are the two messages members of Congress are hearing today as seniors and working people of all ages are calling their representatives in Washington, D.C., about the upcoming budget showdown. 


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AFGE Leads Efforts to Stop Cuts to Federal Wages

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AFGE is leading a coalition that is standing up to any further wage cuts for federal government employees. AFGE members are concerned that working families employed by the federal government will once again be the target of wage, benefit or pension cuts. In the past decade, federal workers have been targeted for $103 billion in cuts—an average of $50,000 per worker. Federal workers have not received a raise since January 2010; as of January 2013, new employees will pay nearly four times as much into their pension funds as current workers do.

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Michigan Republicans Push for a Vote on 'Right to Work' for Less Before the End of the Year


Chris Savage is a Michigan-based political writer and owner of Eclectablog. You also can follow him on Facebook and Twitter

For months and months, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has been playing Switzerland on the topic of "right to work" for less (RTWFL)—the Orwellian-named anti-labor union drive—saying, "It's not on my agenda" but never promising to veto RTWFL legislation. He literally used that exact phrase every single time he was asked about it right up until this past week.

This week, all of that changed. After a meeting with top Republican leaders from the state House and Senate, it's now "on the table."

Update: The bill is moving fast through the state legislature today. Call your Michigan House representative to say you oppose the "right to work" for less bill: 888-979-7280. 

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Yahoo Finance Show Lays Out the Case for Why Unions Are Important

The Yahoo Finance show "The Daily Ticker" uses its latest episode to lay out the case for why labor unions are important, particularly in the current economy. Really. The show isn't exactly pro-working families—and it runs through a litany of false and misleading attacks on unions—but the hosts, Aaron Task and Henry Blodget, argue that owners and management have gone too far in accumulating wealth and power and it's important for unions to counter-balance that. They argue that not only are growing inequality and exploitation of workers bad for society, they're bad for business.

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Striking SoCal Port Clerical Workers Win Outsourcing Controls in Tentative Pact

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Some 450 office clerical workers—members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Local 63—are back on the job this morning in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, Calif., after the ILWU and port employers reached a tentative agreement Tuesday night that will prevent the outsourcing of jobs.

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NLRB Orders Panera to Bargain with Michigan Bakers

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Kathleen von Eitzen, a baker at Panera Bread's Battle Creek, Mich., location, just wants to be respected for her craft and the work she does every day.

I simply want to be respected and recognized as the artisan baker that Panera advertises that I am.

Von Eitzen is one of 18 bakers who recently voted to be represented by the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers (BCTGM) Local 70. 

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Boehner, Listen to the Voters—and Save Your Party

Listen to the Voters—and Save Yourselves

This is an excerpt from Listen to the Voters—and Save Yourselves, by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. 

It's time for House Speaker John Boehner and the Republican leadership to stop holding America's middle class hostage and instead join Democrats in saying "No" to another tax cut for the rich.

That's what voters asked for, loud and clear.

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The Big Debt Driver: Rising Health Care Costs, Not Medicare

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This is a cross-post from The Huffington Post by Diane Archer, the former president of the Medicare Rights Center.

As both our national debt and health care costs continue to swell, America's CEOs and other "influentials" have targeted Medicare as a key culprit and insist that Congress cut Medicare spending in the current deficit discussions. In truth, we do not have a "Medicare problem" in this country; we have a big problem with rising health care costs.

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