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Showing blog posts published on Dec 11, 2012

Your Original Art Can Make a Difference (If Submitted by Dec. 17)

Image courtesy of Melanie Cervantes

Are you an artist or graphic designer? Do you oppose cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other lifelines? Then Artstrike wants your submissions by Dec. 17. Artstrike is a collaboration among CultureStrike, 5D Stories and the Rebuild the Dream Innovation Fund to create original art that fights back against the most extreme proposals being floated as a response to the fiscal bluff.

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Watch Big Michigan 'Right to Work' for Less Actions Live

SEIU photo via yfrog

UPDATE: Republican Michigan lawmakers who’ve rammed “right to work” for less legislation through the state House and Senate, didn’t have to do much original work in drafting the anti-worker law.  They just turned to model legislation playbook from the extremist American Legislative Council (ALEC) and copied verbatim. Take a look at this side-by-side comparison from our friends at the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD).

The UAW will live-stream portions of the march and rally in Lansing, Mich. Here is the Ustream link and you can visit the UAW Facebook page for live-streaming updates.

We’ll also bring you updates throughout the day on the AFL-CIO Now blog and you also can follow the action from Michigan AFL-CIO on Twitter.     

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Just When You Thought the Hostess Story Couldn't Get Worse...

Photo courtesy of BCTGM's Facebook page.

Money that was intended for employee pensions was used by Hostess Brands management to cover operating expenses and workers were never compensated for the lost payment, Yahoo News reports. An undetermined amount of money that Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Miller (BCTGM) members were supposed to receive as part of their contract with the company was used to keep the company running after mismanagement led to significant losses and eventual bankruptcy.

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BREAKING: Michigan House Passes Private Sector ‘Right to Work’ for Less

Photo by Anne Savage @

The Michigan House just passed the second “right to work” for less bill by a 58-52 vote. The latest action was on legislation applying to private-sector workers. It followed earlier action on a measure applying to public employees.

But the Detroit Free Press reports that in a parliamentary maneuver, the House Republicans asked for a reconsideration of the bill to keep Democrats from asking for the same thing, which would have delayed final passage until Wednesday. Technically, the Republicans could remove that request later today and the bills will automatically head to Gov. Rick Snyder.

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Latino Workers Lack Sufficient Hours on the Job

Workers who want full-time hours but are only given part-time work are considered underemployed in the category of involuntary part-time workers. The National Council of La Raza's Monthly Latino Unemployment Report shows that Latinos, from November 2011 to October 2011, had the highest rate of involuntary part-time work. 

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'Shift Change' Movie Documents Worker-Owned Businesses

"Shift Change: Putting Democracy to Work" is a new film, by award-winning filmmakers Melissa Young and Mark Dworkin, that documents employee-owned businesses that compete in the economy, while giving their workers secure and dignified jobs in democratic workplaces. The movie tells the story of several companies who are dealing with changes to the global economy by rethinking the way businesses run in order to promote more sustainable communities.

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BREAKING: Michigan House Passes ‘Right to Work’ for Less

By a 58-51 vote minutes ago, the Michigan House approved "right to work" for less legislation. The bill applies to public employees and the House will vote on a second bill for private-sector workers next.  

Thousands of workers are inside and outside the state Capitol in Lansing in what the Detroit Free Press says may be the biggest demonstration ever there. As soon as the vote was announced, the House gallery began chanting, “Shame on You.”  

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Children Say, 'We Belong Together'

It's a simple holiday wish: having your family together. For many immigrant children, having mom or dad at home is all they want. In the first six months of 2011, 46,000 parents of children were torn away from their families and deported. Now, children are writing to Congress to ask for action to stop these deportations. 

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