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Trumka: Yes, You Should Ask for a Raise

Photo courtesy Ben Wikler on Flickr

In 2015, nearly 5 million American workers might get a pay raise. By joining together to ask for one. Through a union.

Minimum wage hikes, overtime expansion, paid sick leave and other policy improvements are important to raise wages in America. But the best way for workers to get a raise is by asking for one with a collective voice. That’s what workers do—bargain together in unions to improve our lives.

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13 Years After 9/11, Honor the Victims, Help Those Still Suffering

IAFF photo illustration

Today we mark the 13th anniversary of Sept. 11. As we honor the memories of the lives that were lost that day, we also should remember the thousands of people who are still suffering.

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Immigration Reform: Workers’ Voices Needed in Washington

Immigration Reform: Workers’ Voices Needed in Washington

The AFL-CIO has been calling on the White House to halt unnecessary deportations since spring 2013. Our dysfunctional and antiquated immigration system is an invitation for employer manipulation and abuse, and U.S.-born workers as well as immigrant workers are paying the price. Every day that the White House does not act, more than 1,000 people are torn from their worksites, their families and their communities, driving down wages and standards in the process.

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Let's Call 'Corporate Inversion' for What It Is: A Gaping, Unpatriotic Tax Loophole

In 2004, Congress enacted a law to prevent "corporate inversions" in which corporations reincorporate in a foreign country to avoid paying U.S. taxes, but a gaping loophole allows corporations to get around this law by merging with a foreign company.

Simply put, it allows corporations to avoid paying taxes when they "renounce their U.S. citizenship" and change their corporate address to a foreign country.

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Fixing the Highway Trust Fund Isn't Rocket Science, but Stakes Are High

Photo via Washington State DOT

The Highway Trust Fund pays for the upkeep of our roads, bridges and public transit. Yet for more than two decades, Congress has failed to increase its funding. The fund hasn't kept up with inflation, let alone the urgent needs for the modernization of our transportation systems. Now a crisis, years in the making, is coming to a head.

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On Immigration Reform, Republicans Don’t Heed Call of Their Better Angels

On Immigration Reform, Republicans Don’t Heed Call of Their Better Angels

America’s greatest moments have come when we summon our better angels, when our messy democracy produces a shared vision for the next chapter in the American story.

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I’m Going Where the Action Is: Massachusetts

Image via Raise Up Massachusetts, Facebook

When I get frustrated with the Republican gridlock in Washington, D.C., that has put a stranglehold on so many vital working family issues like raising wages, paid sick leave, workers' rights and more, I look around and see the work the labor movement and its allies are doing in the states. That’s where the action is these days, and that’s why I’m so looking forward to my trip to Massachusetts today.

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The Hill: We Need Comprehensive Immigration Reform Now

This city is abuzz over the politics of immigration, with excited, occasionally valid speculation swirling about Eric Cantor, calendars, last-minute deals and the like.

That’s what Washington does. That’s OK. This newspaper and more than a few Twitter accounts probably wouldn’t exist without it. But amid the frenzy, and as prospects for anything legislative teeter on the edge, it’s vital to remember the issue itself, and why it is so important, now and in the future.

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Why We Should All Support the Moms on Strike Against Walmart

Hundreds of Walmart Moms are going on strike this week in dozens of cities across the country to protest Walmart’s terrible treatment of working women. Their courage is admirable. It’s not easy to take on Walmart, especially because the company has a history of illegally retaliating against its workers.


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Northwestern Players on the Verge of History

Northwestern Players on the Verge of History

Football players at Northwestern University will make history this Friday that has nothing to do with yards gained, tackles made or touchdowns scored. They will be the first group of collegiate athletes—athletes who are the key to the $6 billion-a-year big-time college sports industry—to vote on joining a union.

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