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State Legislative Battles

Wisconsin State Capital

Some of the biggest and most important struggles working families engage in take place in state capitals where legislators and governors set the agendas. As we saw in 2011, in states where newly elected Republican governors and lawmakers took office, those agendas are often blueprints to advance corporate influence and lower wages, suppress voting rights and eliminate worker protections on the job.

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Rather than create jobs, many state lawmakers are playing politics by pushing bills like right to work for less that are nothing more than a political ploy that undermines the basic rights of workers. We can't afford these political games. That’s why union members in state after state, working in coalition with grassroots community groups, are championing legislation that would put working people back on the job and make corporations pay their fair share to the community.

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Tell Congress to Oppose Trump's Nominee for Labor Secretary

Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of labor—fast food CEO Andrew Puzder—would be a disaster for working Americans. Tell your members of Congress to oppose him.

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For more information and model legislation on a wide variety of working families’ state issues, including corporate accountability, green jobs, state budgets and taxes, family and medical leave, work share, WARN Act, unemployment insurance, safety and health, workers’ rights, immigration, retirement security and workforce investment, please contact:
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