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USW protest

Members of the USW and supporters protested the Mexican government’s repression of workers’ rights during a May 2010 visit to the nation’s capitol by Mexico’s president.

A legacy of political instability, armed conflicts and flagrant human rights violations has impoverished workers in many Latin American and Caribbean countries. In Colombia, where year after year, the murder rate of trade unionists is the worst in the world, workers literally risk their lives to seek workplace fairness through trade unions. Trade unionists also are under attack in Central America and Mexico.

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Peru Supersizes Its Backslider Legislation

Brian Finnegan

Poor Peru. It seems international investors might be losing interest in sending money its way. For those who argue that it is too hard to compete in international trade when you have decent rules on the books about inspecting workplaces, enforcing safety regs or protecting the environment, Peru has responded, “No problem! We’ll just push through a jumbo pack of regressive changes to undo good laws passed on promises of a more just, inclusive and sustainable society.” Sound shocking? Maybe. But also true. That’s exactly what the government of Peru did on July 11, rolling back both labor and environmental laws.

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