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International rally

In Belarus and Georgia, union leaders are facing government-led attacks on their unions. In other European nations, such as France and Spain, workers are battling to protect their hard-won benefits.

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Kenneth Quinnell
Photo courtesy Steven Isaacson on Flickr

Imagine you have a job where you get the full 40-hour workweek you want. You have affordable health care that meets your needs. You get five weeks paid vacation, paid maternity and paternity leave, a pension and overtime pay for working after 6 p.m. or on Sunday. You get your work schedule four weeks in advance so you can plan your life. And your employer can't send you home early without pay because business is slow. You have a union that is well-organized and fights to make sure your rights are protected. After you pay your rent and bills, you can still put some money in your savings account, and you still have money left over to go out and have a nice evening. And you know that if times get tough, that savings you have been able to put away will help you through.

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