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Sample Contract Language

Members of unions negotiate contracts that cover a wide range of job-related issues—from wages and health care to teleworking and family leave. Contracts can also ensure employees of a right to a voice at work over quality standards, such as nurse staffing ratios to improve patient care or protection of an employee’s right to speak out if corners are being cut in product quality. Here are a few samples from real-life union contracts.


Effective DATE, all employees shall receive a 4 percent increase in their weekly pay; no such increase shall be less than $25 or exceed $50 per week. Effective DATE, all such employees shall receive a 4 percent increase in their weekly pay; no such increase shall be less than $25 or exceed $50 per week. Effective DATE, all such employees shall receive a 4 percent increase in their weekly pay; no such increase shall be less than $25 or exceed $50 per week.

Health Benefits

Employees, retirees and a person with whom the employee shares a committed relationship as defined by [provider] and dependents shall be fully covered by the group medical, surgical and hospitalization plan negotiated with the Employer.

Family Medical Leave

Family Medical Leave may be taken for: (i) the birth and care of a newborn child; (ii) the placement of child with the faculty member for adoption or foster care; (iii) the care of a faculty member’s spouse or domestic partner, child or parent with a serious health condition; (iv) a serious health condition of the faculty member that prevents the faculty member from being able to perform his or her job. Leave for the birth and care of a newborn, foster or adopted child must be commenced and completed within twelve (12) months after the birth or placement of the child.


All employees of [employer] shall become qualified for and entitled to annual vacations with pay. The maximum pay will be run or shift time at the time vacation is taken. Dependent upon Vacation Credits earned, an employee will be entitled to one of the following vacations:

(a)   Employees with one (1) year and less than five (5) years of service shall receive two (2) weeks vacation.

(b)  Employees with five (5) years and less than ten (10) years of service shall receive three (3) weeks vacation.

(c)   Employees with ten (10) years and less than  fifteen (15) years of service shall receive four (4) weeks vacation.

(d)  Employees with fifteen (15) years and less than twenty five (25 years) of service shall receive five (5) weeks vacation.

(e)   Employees with twenty five (25) or more years of service shall receive six (6) weeks vacation.


Where operational considerations permit, a department may establish a telework program. If the telework arrangement conforms to telework criteria established in the department's telework policy and guidelines, no employee's request for telework shall be unreasonably denied. Upon request by the employee, the denial and the reason for denial shall be in writing.

Quality Care for Patients

A Practice Committee of bargaining unit nurses may be established by the Association at each patient care facility in the major medical centers. Additionally, a Practice Committee of bargaining unit nurses may be established in a Student Health Center away from the major medical centers. The purpose of the Committee shall be to consider and constructively recommend to the nursing administration ways and means to improve nursing practice and patient care, including health and safety matters, insofar as the provisions of the Agreement are not added to or otherwise modified. When practicable, the University shall provide information requested by the Practice Committee within thirty (30) calendar days. At least once per quarter the appropriate Director of Nursing shall meet with the Practice Committee at one of its scheduled meetings. Whenever the Committee makes a written recommendation to the appropriate Director of Nursing or, in Student Health Centers, the appropriate Director, s/he shall respond to the Committee in writing within thirty (30) calendar days unless the Association and the University mutually agree that the time may be extended. The Practice Committee may also request, through the appropriate office of labor relations, to meet with one representative of the Safety Committee and one representative of Nursing Administration to discuss and/or resolve health and safety issues. If the request is denied, the Committee shall be provided within thirty (30) calendar days, a written response describing why the request was denied and/or actions to be taken. The University shall annually provide to the PPC the facility Cal-OSHA 200 logs.

Retail Schedules

[Employer] shall post the next month's weekly preliminary schedules, by department, by Sunday at noon, four (4) weeks prior to the start of the scheduled week. Changes to an employee's base schedule must be shown on the preliminary schedule. The employer will assign these changes by department on such schedules, by seniority and availability for day or night work.

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