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Green Jobs and Our Environment

Good Jobs Green Jobs

Union members are at the forefront of protecting our environment through their work in green jobs, like solar panel installation.

Addressing global climate change, protecting our environment and achieving energy independence are critical to the economic, environmental and security interests of the United States. America must lead a technological revolution in the way energy is generated and used with massive investments in new labor enhancing technologies and energy efficiency.  A new industrial policy—an environmental economic development policy—is necessary to guarantee that these investments are made in the United States and that they result in good sustainable union jobs here at home.

A just transition to a greener economy and the creation of green clean energy jobs requires an aggressive sustained commitment of national resources to create and retain good union jobs in the United States, increase per capita income, modernize industry, develop and deploy technology and educate and train current and future workers. It requires assistance for any workers, families or communities that may be adversely affected by the transition, and a democratic voice for workers in their workplaces and in their communities.

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