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Jobs and Economy

Jobs and Economy

Years after the official end of the recent recession, America is still in a jobs crisis. Although job growth is slowly picking up steam--with steady private sector job creation--we still have a long way to go. Job losses came on top of decades of inadequate job growth, wage stagnation and growing inequality. The U.S. economy is increasingly imbalanced, with the top 1 percent holding more than 40 percent of the nation’s wealth.

The AFL-CIO is ready to work with anyone—business, government, investors—who wants to create good jobs and help restore America's middle class and challenge policies that stand in the way of giving America the chance to go back to work. The union movement is partnering with such organizations as the Clinton Global Initiative to find innovative ways to create good jobs that support workers and their families.

What Went Wrong, How to Fix It

Here’s the real scoop—with four infographics and analysis, we break down what went wrong with the economy and how to fix it. (Click on each image to see the full infographic and analysis.)

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6 Reasons Even Conservatives Should Support Raising the Minimum Wage

Kenneth Quinnell
Photo via Economic Policy Institute (EPI)

While Democrats in Congress and the president are attempting to raise the national minimum wage to $10.10 per hour, there is still pretty strong opposition to raising the wage (or its very existence) from pro-corporate extremists on the far right. But as more and more evidence is gathered concerning the minimum wage and its effect on workers, it’s harder and harder to sustain any belief other than that the wage should be raised. Not only is it the morally correct thing to do, it has positive effects on the economy. Here are six reasons why everyone, including conservatives, should support raising the minimum wage (hat tip to Joshua Holland at

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