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MLK Civil and Human Rights Conference

The 2015 Martin Luther King Jr. Civil and Human Rights Conference will be held Jan. 15–19 in Atlanta at the Westin Peachtree Plaza.

Established to commemorate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the accomplishments of the civil rights movement, this multi-ethnic, multi-gender and intergenerational conference reinforces the historic bond between the labor and civil rights movements and honors Dr. King’s vision that collective action—whether at the voting booth or in the workplace—will mobilize participants to continue their work in order to make his dream a reality.

While the root of this conference is set to uplift the struggle of African Americans and the civil rights movement, this conference is specifically inclusive of people of color, young people, LGBTQ people, women and immigrants.

Community service has been a constant focal point of this conference and again opportunities to volunteer will be offered, as well as sessions to teach participants how to infuse community service into the labor movement.

Through plenaries, workshops and panels, attendees will be able to build knowledge and skills on a range of issues, including race; intersectionalities of underrepresented groups; development of labor–community relationships, especially with other civil rights organizations and much more!

Check back for updates on receptions, community service, tickets to events and more.

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