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Working America is the community affiliate of the AFL-CIO, representing 3 million working people who do not have the benefits of union membership at their workplace.

Working America builds strength in numbers by connecting millions of nonunion working people with the millions of union men and women of the AFL-CIO who share common challenges and goals. Working America fights for jobs, democracy and fairness for all working people, restoring a belief in collective power.

Together, we’ve seen victories like extending unemployment benefits, expanding health care coverage, protecting workers’ rights and saving jobs for hundreds of thousands of workers in states from Oregon to Ohio, New Mexico to Maine, and millions nationally. We’ve shown that, working together, working people can win.

I am not your ATM

With bailouts, tax breaks, ATM and transaction fees and crooked mortgages, bankers have gotten rich off our money. So Working America members tell them: I Am Not Your ATM!

This powerful force for working families reaches out directly to thousands every week in their own neighborhoods and fights in communities, states and nationally for what really matters—good jobs, affordable health care, a world-class education, secure retirements and more. Working America is the nation’s fastest growing organization for working people, countering policies and priorities that favor Wall Street and the rich over America's well-being.

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We Love How This ‘Frozen’ Star Sang About the Minimum Wage. But There Are Three Problems With It

Doug Foote
We Love How This ‘Frozen’ Star Sang About the Minimum Wage. But There Are Three Problems With It

Kristen Bell, the voice of Princess Anna in the blockbuster Disney hit “Frozen” and dozens of other films, put on a different costume this week to talk about something you wouldn’t expect.

Fans of the humor website Funny or Die were surprised to find a new video of Bell portraying Mary Poppins, the famous fictional British governess. In the video, she is telling her two young wards that she has to quit. Why? She makes minimum wage, and it’s not enough to live on.

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