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Organizing Institute

The Organizing Institute (OI) seeks to help build the union movement primarily through identifying, training and developing organizers from our membership, staff, community and college campuses across the country.

Beth Tombers

"I'm an organizer because I believe that safe employment to earn a living wage is a human right. People who actually work for a living deserve so much more than we have all been led to believe."
Beth Tombers
2013 OI Apprentice Organizer
Gulf Coast Shipyards Campaign

The Organizing Institute is for activists: We are committed to educating organizers who are enthusiastic and energetic and arming them with skills to help workers form unions.

The Organizing Institute is for unions: Whether your union wants to develop a member organizer program, train organizing staff or recruit new organizers, the OI can assist. The OI staff includes organizer trainers with 15-plus years of union and community organizing experience. The OI offers training in the fundamentals of organizing as well as more advanced organizer training in both the classroom and the field.

Call us: 1-800-848-3021

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The OI offers several training options:

The OI offers trainings for:

2014 Schedule of Trainings:

Orange County, Calif. Feb. 21–23 CLOSED
Pittsburgh Mar. 14–16 CLOSED
Orange County, Calif. Mar. 28–30 CLOSED
Augusta, Maine Apr. 4–6 CLOSED (Conducted by the Maine AFL-CIO)
Portland, Ore. Apr. 25–27 CLOSED
Houston May 16–18 CLOSED
Buffalo, N.Y. June 6–8 CLOSED
Dallas July 18–20 CLOSED (Training for Young Workers)
Denver Aug. 8–10 CANCELLED

Sponsorship forms must be received two (2) weeks prior to training. Any forms received after the cut-off date will be put on a “Wait” list and subject to availability.

Checks/money orders should be made payable to "AFL-CIO Secretary–Treasurer." Personal checks will not be accepted.

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