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Will House Block Road Map to Citizenship?

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Today in several state capitals and Wednesday afternoon on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., immigration advocates, working families, civil rights and faith activists will urge Republican House members to allow a vote on the recently passed Senate immigration reform bill that includes a road map to citizenship.

The House Republican Caucus is set to meet Wednesday afternoon to decide whether to bring an immigration reform bill to a vote or not. When the Senate passed its bill (S. 744), AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said House Speaker John Boehner and Republican leaders “face a decision that will have ramifications for a generation.”

Block a road map to citizenship vote, obstruct the will of overwhelming majorities of working people and face a generation of electoral decline—or support citizenship and embrace America’s diverse future.

When the House lawmakers meet to decide if millions of aspiring Americans will be able to set foot on a path to citizenship, immigration reform backers will rally outside. The action will include hundreds of DREAMers who will hold a symbolic citizenship ceremony. Read more from ABC/Univision and United We Dream’s Facebook page.

Among the events set for today and organized by the Alliance for Citizenship is an Atlanta rally outside the Georgia Republican headquarters. The “Give us a Vote on Citizenship—Not a Wall” rally will feature a symbolic border wall. In a statement, the group says:

Republican leadership has a choice. They can offer patchwork bills that do nothing to fix our broken immigration system and continue to ignore immigrant voters, or they can move a bill forward that polling indicates a majority of Americans and Georgians support and allow the bipartisan majority in the House that supports reform the chance to vote and pass reform.    

Working people, says Trumka, “are more committed than ever to enacting meaningful, commonsense immigration reform with a real path to citizenship.”

We will bring you coverage of tomorrow’s Capitol Hill event.

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