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We Want to Hear from You: What Issues Do You Care About Most for the 2016 Elections?

We Want to Hear from You: What Issues Do You Care About Most for the 2016 Elections?

We asked some of our activists last week through an SMS poll what issues they cared about most for the 2016 elections and here are some highlights on what our activists would like to see addressed:

  • Fair trade, not free trade.
  • Right to unionize keeps us strong.
  • Jobs help to build up poverty communities, so that we don't have the racial wage gap.
  • Equal pay for equal work. Women and their children would benefit from this.
  • Health care. We need to join the rest of the developed world and provide universal, single payer health care.
  • Social Security and government regulations on the funding of pensions. These issues can destroy the common working man. 
  • Racial injustice.
  • Education. I fear that high-stakes testing is dumbing down a generation and access to higher education is becoming increasingly out of reach.
  • Fighting so called “right to work.”
  • LGBTQ awareness at work 
  • Voting. More voter turnout.

As we get closer to the 2016 elections, we will be continuing the process of checking in with our activists on the issues they care most about. What issues do you want to see tackled? Leave your thoughts in the comments. 

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