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Union Drive Registers 450,000 New Voters

Union Drive Registers 450,000 New Voters

More than 450,000 new voters from union households may be going to the polls Nov. 6 thanks to an ongoing voter registration drive by the union movement, says AFL-CIO Political Director Mike Podhorzer.

We're really proud that more union members are going to be engaged. Whoever they vote for, the fact is we're increasing civic participation.

The newly registered voters include 68,000 in Ohio, 57,000 in Pennsylvania, 13,500 in Colorado, 10,000 in Nevada and 6,700 in Virginia. Now 75 percent of eligible voters in union households are registered, versus about 65 percent in the general population.

The AFL-CIO also registers and protects the right to vote among nonunion people.

Different states have different deadlines to register and many of those deadlines are approaching. Make sure all your friends and family are ready to vote this November. Send them to

They can start the registration process online and receive reminders and alerts on voting deadlines. 

If you’re not sure if you're registered, go ahead and start the process now. Visit to double check. 

The AFL-CIO My Vote, My Right website offers hands-on information on voter registration, voter ID laws and steps to take to protect your right to vote on Election Day. Find out what you need to know to make sure your vote counts this year. Get information on voter registrationyour voting rights by state and more at the AFL-CIO’s

Have questions about your voting rights? Call 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683).

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