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U.S. Olympians to Wear Uniforms ‘Made in China’

Vintage Olympics poster from 1948. Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons.

If there was ever a time to push Made in America products, the 2012 Summer Olympics is certainly it. However, according to an ABC News report, Team U.S.A. will be wearing Ralph Lauren uniforms Made in China when they compete in London this summer.

ABC News interviewed American designer Nanette Lepore who said U.S. manufacturers could have made the uniforms and for less money.

Says Lepore:

I’m shocked…why shouldn’t we have pride not only in the American athletes but in the American manufacturers and laborers who are the backbone of our country. What’s wrong? Why was that not a consideration?

In the report, ABC News broke down exactly how much is being spent on these Made in China uniforms:


Beret – $55
Tie – $125
Belt – $85
Shirt – $425
Blazer – $795
Trousers – $295
Shoes – $165

Grand total: $1945


Beret – $55
Scarf – $58
Belt – $85
Shirt – $179
Skirt – $498
Blazer – $598

Grand total: $1473

 ABC News reached out to Ralph Lauren and the U.S. Olympic Committee and asked why American clothing  manufacturers weren’t chosen.

The committee responded:

The U.S. Olympic team is privately funded and we’re grateful for the support of our sponsors. We’re proud of our partnership with Ralph Lauren, an iconic American company.

The committee’s non-response certainly doesn’t answer the questions Americans are asking at Bring Jobs Home events all over the country.

Sign the two petitions telling the U.S. Olympic Committee to do the right thing and have new uniforms manufactured in America that are union made for U.S. Olympians. Go to the online petition HERE or the Twitter petition HERE

The U.S. Senate is poised to vote on the Bring Jobs Home Act within the next few weeks. As we’ve noted, the Bring Jobs Home Act provides a new tax credit for companies that bring jobs back to the United States.

Call your senators now at 888-659-9401 and tell them to support the Bring Jobs Home Act.

The AFL-CIO is calling on Congress to make sure they support not only the Bring Jobs Home Act but other measures that would:

  • Stop currency manipulation by our trading partners;
  • Tax the overseas income of U.S. corporations the same way we tax their domestic income, so they no longer can lower their tax bill by shifting income and jobs overseas;
  • Bar companies that send call center jobs overseas from receiving federal grants and tax breaks; and
  • Push for fair trade policies that benefit workers—not just multinational corporations.

What do you think about American athletes wearing Made in China uniforms at the Olympics? Sign in and comment  below:

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