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Trumka: Right to Work Like Zombies from ‘The Walking Dead’

Trumka: Right to Work Like Zombies from ‘The Walking Dead’

“America is demanding a raising wages economy, but that idea is under severe assault because of a push by some politicians to take America in the opposite direction with right to work,” AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka writes in an op-ed in today’s USA Today.

He points out that people in “right to work” states earn 12% less and have worse health care and retirement benefits than workers in other states.

While “a few politically ambitious governors” have signed right to work laws lately, right to work proposals have been rejected in New Hampshire, West Virginia, New Mexico, Maine and Montana. Writes Trumka:

But like the zombies from “The Walking Dead,” right to work proposals keep coming back. Corporate interests think they have the right to lower your pay, reduce your health care and cut your retirement. They think it's their right to increase profits by making your job more dangerous.

Read his full column here.

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