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Tell Reid It's Time to End the ‘Silent’ Filibuster

Tell Reid It's Time to End the ‘Silent’ Filibuster

It’s time to get the U.S. Senate back on track and end the gridlock of the “silent filibuster” and actually force filibustering senators to take the floor and talk if they want to block legislation. You can help.

While activists today deliver tens of thousands of letters to their senators on Capitol Hill urging them to stop the misuse and abuse of the Senate filibuster, you can, too, by calling 1-866-937-5062 and telling Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) to publicly support strong rules reform by co-sponsoring Senate Resolution 4.

Senate Resolution 4 is comprehensive filibuster reform, but some senators are pushing for a compromise that falls far short of what is needed to fix the filibuster problem.

Use of the “silent” filibuster has skyrocketed in recent years, as corporate politicians have done everything possible to block popular progressive bills—even ones with majority support—from becoming law.

The only way we can hope to pass important legislation that’d shape a common-sense immigration process, stop rewarding corporations that offshore jobs or strengthen workers’ rights to make it easier for workers to organize for a voice on the job is to make it harder for a handful of senators to shut down debate.

Call Reid today at 1-866-937-5062 and tell him it’s time for real reform of the Senate's filibuster rule that ends the silent filibuster.

You can learn more by visiting “Fix the Senate Now,” part of the campaign led by the Communications Workers of America (CWA) and other groups to reform Senate rules, and check out this video The Shocking Truth About the U.S. Senate.

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