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Tell President Obama: Make Big Corporations Pay

Photo courtesy: Rob Rudloff

Americans for Tax Fairness (ATF) is asking President Obama to make corporations pay their fair share, and they want you to join in and tell the president your own personal story about how increasing corporate taxation would help your life. A simple tool on the ATF website allows you to easily send the president your story.

ATF sent the following email to E-activist supporters:

President Obama is right about a lot of things. He was right to push to end the Bush tax cuts for the richest Americans. He is right to propose raising $1 trillion in new tax revenue in his proposed budget. But he is wrong about corporate taxes. The President wants to close tax loopholes on big corporations (good), but then give the money right back to them through lower tax rates and subsidies (bad). 

It’s just not right, especially when 750,000 jobs and critical services are being slashed due to across-the-board federal budget cuts—to Head Start, Meals on Wheels, veterans’ mental health care and much more.

That’s why we’re asking supporters like you to share your stories, or the stories of your friends and family who have been personally impacted by recent cuts to these kinds of benefits and services.

President Obama needs to hear from regular Americans across the country who are counting on him to do the right thing by making sure that corporations pay their fair share of taxes. We can't let big corporations that pay no federal income taxes some years—like General Electric, Verizon and Wells Fargo—continue to pay less in taxes than millions of individual Americans.

Write President Obama and tell him how your family would be hurt by cuts to Head Start, education, unemployment benefits, job training and more.

We'll collect these letters and send them to the White House and ask President Obama to respond. Tell him your story, tell him how you or someone you love have been or will be affected by federal budget cuts known as sequestration. Tell him that he needs to stand up to big corporations and make them pay their fair share of taxes. 

This is an issue that affects all of us. A relative of mine was recently told her pay will be cut by up to a day a week because of possible furloughs at the Department of Defense. This will hurt her family a lot, but it will also affect the wounded soldiers she is helping to cope with traumatic brain injuries. President Obama needs to hear that there is an easy solution to all of this: raise taxes on big corporations so that they pay their fair share and use that money to stop this assault on middle-class and vulnerable Americans. What would you tell the president?

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