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Tell ASPIRA: Public Dollars for Books, Not Union Bashing

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I’m a charter school teacher in Philadelphia. Every day I invest my heart and soul in teaching my students at ASPIRA Olney Charter High School. I am helping form a union to better advocate for my students.

I am writing to ask that you stand with me and my colleagues.

I teach English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) at ASPIRA Olney Charter High School in Philadelphia. A clear majority of my fellow staff have already decided to form a union—but ASPIRA is taking steps to silence our voices. We have heard from administration that ASPIRA is planning to spend as much as $400,000 to break our union organizing drive.

Join us in telling ASPIRA leadership to spend education dollars on students, not union busters!

Our students need resources and we need a voice. We want to move forward together as a union and are asking for your support to help protect our right to organize and our ability to advocate for our students and our profession. Please join us in reaching out to ASPIRA CEO Alfredo Calderon and members of the Board of Trustees by adding your name to this letter. 

We are stronger together,

Sarah Apt
ESOL Teacher, ASPIRA Olney Charter High School

This post originally appeared on the ASPIRA VOCES blog
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