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Momentum Builds to Stop Fast Track Trade Deals, Thanks to You

Fast Track. It’s the tool that global corporations and the economic elites have used since the Nixon era to advance a trade agenda that helps corporate profits soar while pushing down U.S. wages, undermining labor rights and increasing inequality. The last Fast Track law expired in 2007, with good reason. Why should America’s middle class continue to be sacrificed simply to advance a model of globalization in which they have no say? That’s downright un-American. And yesterday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was the latest prominent elected official to say no to Fast Track, no to H.R. 3830/S. 1900.

Thanks to the efforts of tens of thousands of people—including people like you—more and more congressional leaders, including Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, are joining the chorus of voices standing up for us—America’s 99%—and saying that Fast Track is wrong. 

Fast Track supporters present an unbalanced view of trade. They extol its virtues, while omitting that for more than 30 years, trade and economic policy in the country has had the clear purpose of lowering the wages and diminishing the economic security of working people. And—because we refused to be quiet about what’s happening to the American Dream—we are having an impact. We are turning the tide.

While we’ve made a difference so far, our fight for people-centered trade is far from over.  Now is the time for those of us who “get it,” to continue to reach out, not just to ensure that Fast Track stays off the table, but to widen the discussion about our overall trade model, to make sure that those who represent us get off the corporate hamster wheel of trade and instead make sure that new deals under negotiation, like the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement (TPP), the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and the Trade in Services Agreement, either put working families, shared prosperity and sustainable growth first, or else fade away like landline phones and "Members Only" jackets. 

If you have not yet signed the petition against Fast Track, do it here. And if you haven’t signed a petition for a better TPP, do it here.  

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