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Here's What You Said: 2012 Presidential Debate

Romney's plan to balance the budget is to cut Big Bird's funding.

We learned a lot of things about Mitt Romney during last night's debate. Not only does he want to continue the failed economic policies that brought on the recession in the first place, but he also wants to hand our feathered friend Big Bird the pink slip to continue tax breaks for the wealthiest people (the math doesn't add up). The candidates talked a lot about taxes, education and social insurance programs, but what we really enjoyed about the debates last night was listening to working people on Twitter and on our AFL-CIO Now blog's live chat

Read the entire live chat thread below and check out some of the top comments (not edited) and insights from our readers and people on Twitter:

Comment from rlehman77: We have the responsibility to choose the President and his entourage that will be fair to all citizens and make our nation stronger in the world and at home. In our vote, our first responsibility is to our nation and to choose the candidate who has that belief to bring his strength, endurance, and intelligence to keep us a strong, compassionate country of human beings. 

Comment from Kelly Ross, AFL-CIO Policy: I hope the moderator asks Romney if he thinks tax cuts increase the deficit. Because they do. The Congressional Research Service recently came out with a report that found there is no evidence that cuts for rich people increase economic growth.

Comment from guest: Small business start ups are at 30 year lows because banks won't loan any money!

Comment from Rebekah Friend: I love a rich guy trying to tell me what middle class families need.

Comment from Sarah Lewis, AFL-CIO Policy: I am a recent law school graduate from a working class family, and I paid a higher tax rate than Romney.

Comment from guest: How does Mitt expect to fill all of those jobs he says he's going to create if we don't have an educated workforce? By gutting education?

Comment from IAFF Dave: Big Bird is now occupying Sesame Street....


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