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Gov. Brewer Declares War on Voting

Donna Gratehouse, who blogs at Democratic Diva and elsewhere on all things Arizona, sends us this.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer gloated over Monday's Supreme Court decision upholding the racial profiling provision of S.B. 1070, describing it as a victory and vindication. But the governor's buoyed spirits were quickly deflated as she learned the U.S. Department of Homeland Security suspended the 287(g) status of many Arizona law enforcement agencies—287(g) is the agreement that allows state and local police departments to perform some immigration enforcement functions.

In a radio interview on KFYI, an uber right-wing station in Phoenix, Brewer accused Obama of seeking the votes of undocumented immigrants. It should come as no surprise that Brewer would push the myth of undocumented immigrants voting in droves. The GOP is leaning hard on supposed "voter fraud" in their attempt to justify passing strict voter ID laws all over the country that disenfranchise many legitimate voters and engaging in sweeping voter suppression tactics against groups who tend to vote Democratic. Republicans have completely abandoned trying to win on the merits and are simply doing everything they can to stop people from voting. 

Because some polls show Arizona in a tighter presidential race than many had predicted, and Dr. Richard Carmona barely trailing Jeff Flake for U.S. Senate, it has become imperative to Arizona Republicans that they intimidate potential Hispanic voters and sow doubt about the validity of their votes. Numerous audits and investigations of Arizona elections have not produced a single, substantiated incident of an undocumented immigrant casting a vote.

"Brewer's assertion that Obama is registering undocumented folks smacks of segregationist paranoia, circa 1971. It's as stale as month-old bread," said Diane D'Angelo, who chairs the City of Phoenix Human Relations Commission. "We desperately need new leadership."

There also may be a purely mercenary element to Brewer's attacks on Obama. Her political action committee Jan PAC claims that President Obama has "declared war on Arizona" in its latest fundraising pitch. Financial disclosures a few months ago revealed that Jan PAC's largest expenditure since its formation had been buying copies of Brewer's ghostwritten autobiographyScorpions for Breakfast, to give to contributors of $100 or more. It's a pretty sweet deal if you can get it. 

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