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Goods Jobs and Apple Pie, Toomey Denies Both

Goods Jobs and Apple Pie, Toomey Denies Both

Good jobs should be as American as apple pie, but U.S. corporations have shipped somesix million American jobs overseas in the past decade. Yesterday in Pittsburgh, more than 200 union members told U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) that it’s time to “Bring Jobs Home.”

Hoping to talk to Toomey or his staff to urge support for the Bring Jobs Home Act (S. 2884), the activists from 19 unions and labor groups marched to Toomey’s home office. But even the offering of an All-American, union-made apple pie (courtesy of Food and Commercial Workers [UFCW] Local 23) couldn’t get the group in the door.

Before they were denied access, United Steelworker (USW) Secretary-Treasurer Stan Johnson told a pre-march rally:

No one working a job in this country today is safe from outsourcing. It’s time to stop corporations from getting tax credits for sending our jobs overseas.

That’s one of the key provisions of the Bring Jobs Home Act, eliminating tax breaks that allow companies to deduct expenses associated with moving operations overseas. It also would provide a tax credit to corporations that bring jobs back to the United States.

All over the country thousands of working families and their unions are urging Congress to take action on the nation’s jobs crisis, part of the AFL-CIO’s Bring Jobs Home campaign. Click here, here and here for more reports

In Savannah, Ga., last week, union and community activists used the site of a closed Air Liquide plan—the firm shuttered then shipped the jobs to Mexico—to highlight the urgent need to pass the Bring Jobs Home Act.

Savannah City Alderman Carolyn Bell said:

We have the talent and the skilled work force to compete with anyone, anywhere in the world, as long as we have a level playing field.

Brett A. Hulme, president of the Savannah Regional Central Labor Council, said the bill is an incentive for “companies who want to bring jobs back.”

Congress is expects to take up the bill later this month. Working families also are pushing for a call center bill that would bar companies that send call center jobs overseas from receiving federal grants and tax breaks.

Along with building support for the Bring Jobs Home Act and the call center bill and for stopping currency manipulation, the AFL-CIO is calling on lawmakers to:

  • Tax the overseas income of U.S. corporations the same way we tax their domestic income, so they can no longer lower their tax bill by shifting income and jobs overseas; and 
  • Push for fair trade policies that benefit workers—not just multinational corporations.

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Union members rally at a Savannah, Georgia, "Bring Jobs Home" event. 
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