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Former Congressman, Veterans Denied Right to Vote

Over the past few years, dozens of states have passed restrictive voter ID and other voter suppression laws, mostly based on model legislation from the extremist American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). An estimated 21 million eligible voters, mostly people of color, young voters and senior citizens, could be disenfranchised this fall.

The United Steelworkers (USW) just posted three videos of people—including a former congressman—who have recently been denied the right to vote because of new state laws.

Former U.S. Rep. Lincoln Davis (see video above) from Tennessee, who was turned away from a polling place where he had cast his ballots for years, says:

With all the legislation we’ve passed in Tennessee, we have a proud heritage of being sure we make it easier, and encourage people to vote in our elections. That’s the American way. Unfortunately I think what’s happening now is there appears to be legislation which actually suppresses that right and discourages voting. That to me is something Tennessee cannot be proud of.

Click here and here to see military veterans Gil Paar and Clifford Glass tell how they were denied the right to vote, even though they possessed valid, federally issued Veterans Affairs photo IDs.

Find out what your state’s voting requirements are by clicking here, and click here to sign up for the USW’s Voter Suppression Fight Back program.  

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