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Catholic Leaders Reject Ryan’s Claim Budget Follows Church Teachings

Catholic Leaders Reject Ryan’s Claim Budget Follows Church Teachings

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), architect of the Ryan/Romney/Republican budget-for-the-1% plan, told a TV interviewer this month that his budget blueprint follows and upholds the social teachings of the Catholic Church. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and other Catholic leaders disagree.

The Ryan budget rewards the wealthy with generous tax breaks, cuts corporate taxes and even offers tax breaks to move jobs overseas. It ends Medicare as we know it and shifts the health care cost burden to seniors. It also endorses significant cuts in Social Security benefits for middle-class seniors and cuts in other vital family programs.

Earlier this month, the USCCB said Ryan’s budgets fails to live up to Catholic “moral criteria.” Now, more than 90 priests and faculty members at Georgetown University—a Jesuit school—sent Ryan a letter criticizing his plan.

We would be remiss in our duty to you and our students if we did not challenge your continuing misuse of Catholic teaching to defend a budget plan that decimates food programs for struggling families, radically weakens protections for the elderly and sick and gives more tax breaks to the wealthiest few.

Ryan is scheduled to give a speech at Georgetown today.

The letter says Ryan is profoundly misreading Church teaching:

In short, your budget appears to reflect the values of your favorite philosopher, Ayn Rand, rather than the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Her call to selfishness and her antagonism toward religion are antithetical to the Gospel values of compassion and love.

Click here for the full letter.

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