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What Has Been Your Favorite Part of the Convention So Far? Here's What You Said

Newly-elected AFL-CIO Executive Vice President Tefere Gebre.

Yesterday, we asked AFL-CIO Convention delegates and attendees by text message what their favorite part of the convention has been so far. Here's what they said:

  • As a young African American woman [aspiring] to be a leader one day in this great movement I was moved by the tribute to Arlene [Holt Baker]. She truly is inspiring and has worked so hard on advocating for others. I leave the conference with a sense of enthusiasm to follow within her footsteps as a young worker and African woman to make changes and work hard towards fighting for justice for others.
  • Incredibly inclusive convention that reminded us time and again what our values are - and why we fight for a better America. The [Tom] Perez speech was historic. He shares our values.
  • Tom Perez. What a breath of fresh air!
  • Stronger together! The beautiful tribute to one of the best labor leaders in the world! Arlene Holt Baker! The Diversity & Young Workers programs, OMG! You can't touch us!
  • I love the diverse team of newly elected officers. Rich [Trumka], Tefere [Gebre] and Liz [Shuler] are awesome!
  • Awesome speech from Thomas Perez, Secretary of Labor. Also, Cecil Roberts, nomination of President Richard Trumka, very moving. Liz Shuler gave a powerful acceptance speech awesome. Rich Trumka blows the top off the roof in acceptance speech.
  • The newly elected Executive Vice President Tefere Gebre from a central labor council. The entire AFL-CIO team is very exciting.
  • The nominating speech for President Trumka by Cecil Roberts of UMWA.
  • The reaching out to be inclusive.
  • UMWA President Roberts.
  • Passing of immigration reform.
  • Cecil Roberts' nomination of Rich Trumka. Amazing!
  • My favorite part was the electricity in the hall -- and goosebumps -- when Richard Trumka, Liz Shuler, and Tefere Gebre were elected. We are ready to work!
  • The whole damn thing. Oops everything, thank you. Rian...
  • Action sessions.
  • My favorite part of the 2013 has been the moving story of Tefere Gebre's journey to his vision of America, a journey I hope to share with him in the next four years.
  • Coming from New Jersey where we are so divided on so many things, it was great just seeing that we can still agree and celebrate brotherhood.
  • The election slate.
  • The commitment and forward movement.
  • The support of Resolution 33 that is a pro jobs resolution.
  • The election of the executive vp and his acceptance speech. It gives me great hope.
  • I enjoyed everything thus far, great convention.
  • General Holiefield.
  • Tefere Gebre becoming our next [Executive Vice President] of the AFL-CIO!!!
  • Myrtle of the international domestic workers alliance.

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See a video of playlist of the AFL-CIO Convention

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