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Union-Made Labor Day Shopping List

Union-Made Labor Day Shopping List

Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer. While the day honors the hardworking women and men who make this nation go and grow, the weekend also gives us a chance for one more big backyard barbecue blowout. Here’s some union-made food and drink to get your barbecue off to a great start.

Text MADE to 235246 for more union-made-in-America product lists. 

Our list comes courtesy of the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers (BCTGM); the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW); the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor's website Labor 411 and Union Plus.b

Meat & Buns & Bread & Beans

  • Arnold
  • Ball Park franks
  • Earthgrains bread
  • Entenmann's
  • Hebrew National franks
  • Nature's Harvest bread
  • Oroweat bread and buns
  • Oscar Meyer & Boar’s Head hot dogs
  • Oroweat buns (hot dogs and burgers)
  • Stroehmann bread and buns
  • Sara Lee buns (hot dogs and burgers)
  • Burnham and Morrill (baked beans)


  • Alta Dena
  • Kraft Foods
  •  Horizon


  • Claussen (pickles and relish)
  • French’s mustard
  • Heinz ketchup
  • Morton Salt
  • Vlasic (relish and sauerkraut)


  • Beets: Muranka Farms (Muranka Farms)
  • Broccoli: Amaral Ranches, Andy Boy (D'Arrigo Brothers, Amaral Ranches)
  • Broccoli rabe: Andy Boy (D'Arrigo Brothers)
  • Cauliflower: Amaral Ranches, Andy Boy (D'Arrigo Brothers, Amaral Ranches)
  • Cilantro - Muranaka Farms (Muranaka Farms)
  • Fennel: Andy Boy (D'Arrigo Brothers)
  • Green leaf lettuce - Andy Boy (D'Arrigo Brothers)
  • Iceberg lettuce: Amaral Ranches, Andy Boy (D'Arrigo Brothers, Amaral Ranches)
  • Italian parsley: Muranaka Farms (Muranaka Farms)
  • Kale: Muranaka Farms (Muranaka Farms)
  • Leeks: Muranaka Farms (Muranaka Farms)
  • Lettuce: Butter/red butter lettuce - Andy Boy (D'Arrigo Brothers)
  • Mixed green: Andy Boy (D'Arrigo Brothers)
  • Radishes: Muranaka Farms (Muranaka Farms)
  • Romaine hearts: Andy Boy (D'Arrigo Brothers)
  • Romaine lettuce: Amaral Ranches, Andy Boy (D'Arrigo Brothers, Amaral Ranches)


  • Cactus pears: Andy Boy (D’Arrigo Brothers)
  • Citrus: Sunkist - oranges, lemons, limes, tangerines, grapefruit, mandarin oranges
  • Dates: Pato’s Dream Date Gardens (Pato’s Dream Date Gardens)
  • Grapes: Sunkist - tomatoes – Sunripe, Gargiulo (Gargiulo, San Joaquin Tomato, Pacific Triple E)
  • Mushrooms: Monterey Mushrooms, Del Fresh (Monterey Mushrooms, Mushroom Farm Inc., Countryside Mushrooms)
  • Strawberries: Swanton Berry, Dole (Swanton Berry, Dole)

Soft Drinks

  • A&W Root Beer
  • Canada Dry
  • Coca Cola
  • Orange Crush
  • 7-Up
  • Pepsi
  • RC Cola


  • Minute Maid
  • Snapple
  • Tropicana
  • V8
  • Welch’s


  • Folgers
  • Maxwell House
  • Millstone Coffee
  • Swiss Miss hot chocolate
  • Tender Leaf tea

Bottled Water

  • Alhambra water
  • Crystal Springs
  • Pocono Springs
  • Poland Spring
  • Sierra Springs

Alcohol - Beer (a small sample)

  • Beck's
  • Budweiser and Bud Light
  • Coors Light
  • Henry Winehard's
  • Miller
  • Red Stripe
  • Rolling Rock
  • Sam Adams
  • Shock Top

See more from Union Plus.

Alcohol - Wine

  • Andrew Champagne
  • Corbett Canyon Vineyard
  • Gallo Estate Wines
  • Gallo of Sonoma
  • Scheffield Cellars


  • Bugles
  • Cheetos
  • Cheez-It
  • Frito-Lay Rold Gold Pretzels
  • Lorna Doone cookies
  • Mike Sell's Potato Chip Co.
  • Pirate Booty
  • Utz pretzels

Chips ‘n’ Dip

  • Doritos
  • Mission chips, salsas, and dips
  • Tostitos chips, salsas, and dips

Ice Cream &Toppings

  • Barber's
  • Breyers
  • Country Fresh
  • Creamland Dairies
  • Prairie Farms
  • The Masterson Company

Grills, Coolers, & Cups

  • Rubbermaid coolers
  • Solo cups, plates & bowls
  • Weber Grills - Genesis, Summit, and Q series (all made by IUANPW in Illinois)
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