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John Stossel Follows in James O'Keefe's Footsteps

Photo credit: Emmelle Israel

Imagine our surprise last week when Fox Business correspondent John Stossel made an unexpected visit to the AFL-CIO building. Stossel’s previous coverage of the labor movement includes a special on public education that blames teachers’ unions for the failings of public schools, an interview with Transport Workers (TWU) Local 100 President John Samuelsen, in which Stossel claims unions impede job growth, and several entries on his blog where he argues against the minimum wage and against regulations on unpaid internships.

Stossel is well-known for his “gotcha” journalism, so when he claimed he was in our lobby because our building was one of the most beautiful in D.C., we weren’t buying it—neither did the other unions where he showed up unannounced, also to film their "beautiful buildings.” (Think James O'Keefe.)

Although you might be seeing selectively manipulated footage of the AFL-CIO and other union buildings in Stossel’s next exposé on “big labor,” we thought we’d share with you the unique décor and top-of-the-line amenities in our building he might have highlighted had he gone beyond our entryway, including our state-of-the-art hydration system at top left.

AFL-CIO Work Space

Mahogany work spaces with dazzling views (don’t let the gray plastic veneer fool

Minimalist Waste Receptacle

Minimalist waste receptacle (note the designer silk carpet!).

AFL-CIO Conference Room

And our expansive conference rooms outfitted with the latest cutting-edge technology.

While we may not be the “most beautiful” or most fancy building in D.C., we love where we work. We hope you enjoyed this short tour inside the AFL-CIO you won’t be seeing anytime soon on Stossel’s show. Help us find out the real reason why he’s been snooping about by tweeting him: @FBNStossel

Sample tweets:

Something fishy about @FBNStossel's filming "beautiful" buildings in D.C. last week. All were union offices. What's he planning?

We want to know the real reason #FoxNews's @FBNStossel has been showing up to union buildings unannounced. What's the deal?

#FoxNews "gotcha" journalist @FBNStossel paid surprise visits to union buildings in D.C. last week. What is he scheming?

Do we believe @FBNStossel when he shows up to union offices unannounced to film the “most beautiful” buildings in D.C.? Nope.

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