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Top Hispanic Civil Rights Groups Endorse Global Boycott of Hyatt Hotels

Photo courtesy of Hyatt Hurts Facebook page.

Today the nation’s top Hispanic civil rights groups, the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) and the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA), all came out in support of the global boycott of Hyatt hotels.

The boycott against Hyatt Hotels, announced by UNITE HERE last July, addresses the terrible treatment of hotel housekeepers – predominately women of color, including Latinas. The treatment has been well documented. A study published by the American Journal of Industrial Medicine, examined 50 hotel properties from five different companies, and determined that housekeepers at Hyatt hotels, have the highest injury rate. Now, these groups are joining the growing lists of supporters that have already agreed to host no conferences, conventions or other such events at Hyatt Hotels covered by the boycott, until its substandard working conditions for housekeeping staff are improved.

In a statement Hector E. Sanchez, executive director for LCLAA, said:

We will not stand by and allow anyone to continue to profit on the injured backs of our trabajadoras (women workers).  In our research for our Trabajadorasreport, data showed that hotel workers are more likely to report injuries on the job if they know they have the right to do so and are associated with organizations that will back them if they are subjected to employer retaliation.  We proudly join the thousands of individuals and organizations in supporting the Hyatt trabajadoras through this global Hyatt boycott.

CEO and President of NCLR Janet Murguía said:

The pattern of exploitation of housekeepers in Hyatt hotels is not only at odds with Hyatt’s commitment to hospitality but also inexcusable.  For years, Latina housekeepers and their supporters have asked for the most basic and humane changes in the workplace to help reduce injuries and physical strain.  We are joining these courageous workers in calling on Hyatt to stop this pattern of abuse and become an industry leader in respecting workers’ health and safety.

To learn more about what NCLR, MALDEF and LCLAA are calling on Hyatt to do, click here. For more information regarding the boycott, visit

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