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Protecting Precious Cargo, School Bus Drivers Turn to TWU

The school bus drivers and monitors in Burleson and Weatherford, Texas, take their jobs of transporting “precious cargo” seriously—especially when it comes to safety. After recently voting (see video) to join the Transport Workers (TWU), they say their voice about safety can’t be ignored any longer. Says driver Amy Lytle:

We want safe buses to transport these children in. If you’re driving a bus with a bungee-corded door, they‘re OK with that. I’m not OK with that.


Along with safety, the workers at Durham School Services sought a union voice because they faced several other issues at the workplace, such as how management spoke to them, favoritism on who was allowed to drive routes and who could be fired. Says driver Jay Gunter:

....They can fire you at will, with the union and everything that makes our jobs feel a little more secure.

School bus monitor Alicia Myers says that the strength of a union helps bring fairness to the workplace.

With jobs being in the situation they’re in right now, a lot of times employers figure that can just walk all over you, treat you any kind of way. This helps to make the company accountable, as well as the workers.

Watch the video and read more from TWU.

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